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About HorrorFam.com

Hi there! My name is Lauren Spear and I’m the founder of HorrorFam.com!

I wanted to create a "family" horror website. I come from a horror family (my parents were both practical special FX artists who primarily worked in the horror genre), but my biological family is TINY. I wanted a way to connect with my "extended" (online) horror fam.

My parents, my husband, my friends-who're-now-family, and I are all very positive-minded. We sometimes grump or lovingly tease or offer constructive criticism... But we're never cruel. Although the horror movies we love so deeply feature some hardcore baddies — we strive to spread kindness.

HorrorFam.com where horror fans can come to be embraced by a loving "family" vibe. We lay on the feel-good nostalgia, we goof around and make (sometimes terrible) jokes, and we wholeheartedly welcome all our fellow weirdos to join us at the table and share their horror-lovin' thoughts!

We share written blog posts every Monday and audio podcasts (with full transcripts for the hard of hearing) every Friday!

There are already a ton of horror “news” sites for upcoming features. And they do a fantastic job! So, HorrorFam.com's content doesn’t focus on horror “news” (with one exception; detailed further below). It’s a hodgepodge of nostalgic topics in the horror genre, mixed with subjects loosely tied to “horror” as an idea/feeling/lifestyle.

Plus, as a freelance writer with over a decade of experience, I knew the blog could provide something else: Portfolio clips for writers looking to break into the industry. By accepting guest posts (writer submissions), HorrorFam.com gives newbie writers looking to break into the horror genre (as well as veteran writers who’re looking to switch niches; or simply do some “just for fun” writing!) a way to get published pieces under their belts. Dealing with me is usually (hopefully?) far less intimidating for writers than approaching the Head Editor of a more prestigious/established publication.

Finally, and most importantly, I wanted HorrorFam.com to focus on the wonderful weirdos, the “mutants,” and the creepy creators who love the genre. Creating a place for like-minded “fiends” to have some horrifically good fun was the number one goal. Not far behind, I wanted to shine a spotlight on the “little guy” creators – the everyday people who actually produce horror-related indie films, YouTube videos, podcasts, artwork, comics, novels, music, clothes, toys, masks, etc.

It’s Wonderful (note the capital “w!”) that the horror industry has had a surge of “mainstream” success recently; however, there are SO many people who create AMAZING things who lack the funds necessary to get eyes on their creations. Those lovingly-crafted “monsters” end up withering on the table and their creators never have that “It’s ALIVE!” moment because they lack the social “lightning” needed to succeed…

So, HorrorFam.com is dedicated to connecting with indie horror creators. We feature their work via articles and podcast interviews to their work via blog articles and podcast interviews so they'll have an opportunity to promote their projects to a built-in audience who LOVES horror. This sometimes includes, as the exception to the “we’re not a ‘news’ site” rule, creators' upcoming projects and events.

In short: HorrorFam.com was built so people who love the horror genre could find each other and have FUN together.

Of course, running a website costs money. And a significant amount of time. As a HorrorFam.com patron, you'll be helping us to spend less time worrying about finances and more time producing amazing fun-filled content. From taking care of "little" things like paying for our hosting to BIG things like buying better equipment, hiring PAID writers (in addition to reader submissions), creating quality products, or purchasing wickedly cool prizes to raffle off!

Even with a teeny-tiny budget, we're still pumping out content twice a week and we intend to keep doing so. With financial help, we could produce MORE, better, content. We have a ton of GRAND ideas, but we don't have equally "grand" funding to bring them to life.

If you don't have money either, don't feel bad. We still love you (we're family!) and you can help support us simply by sharing our content or sending good vibes in our general direction. Thank you for your support! ♥

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