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Helps me keep the website running for 0.8 days (18.00 hours or 1080 minutes) every month. Thank you!
  • Queue skipping for 1 account
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Helps me keep the website running for 1.5 days (36.00 hours or 2160 minutes) every month. Thank you!
  • Queue skipping for 3 accounts
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Tournament API Access

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This tier is intended for Tournament Organizations only. Individuals can't receive the special benefits under this tier and should select a different tier.

  • For organizations looking to add many summoners to the queue at once, you'll get at least 250 update requests per month, which depends on the size and frequency of your tournaments.
  • Historical Username searches: search for any username, past or present to see the account's username and region transfer history.
  • API access does not allow you to download profiles in machine-readable format.
  • Requests submitted through the API are deprioritized over human submitted requests.
  • Your organization will have to go through a brief verification process.
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About iaace LLC

Hi, I am the creator of https://rewind.lol/ . I want to keep this website open and available to as many people as possible for as long as possible. I am a student studying at university hobbyist developer, so any contribution lightens the burden on me, so thank you. Any surplus funds will always be saved for future costs and remain separated from personal use.

There will always be at least 2 goals on my page:
  1. Minimum cost to keep the website running, supported by ads or my own funds
  2. Full costs to run all website services, free of ads
I will update these goals frequently to ensure that they always accurately reflect the costs to run the website. The current funding goals are accurate to August 5, 2022.

What do we need to pay for?
  • Yearly domain renewal costs for the rewind.lol domain
  • Servers to host the public database and front facing website (2 cloud servers)
  • Server upgrades
  • Other web services (status page, storage)
  • Copyright licenses
  • Legal services
  • Patreon fees
  • Taxes
  • Utilities (internet, electricity)
And how are we doing?
  • We're doing ok month to month. However, there are no surplus funds available as infrastructure upgrades are continuing.
$250 - reached! per month
No Expiration Date
We will not be permanently purging matches that are older than 2 years for non-Patrons.
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