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About Icarus Games

SIDEQUEST is a new monthly RPG Magazine filled with content for you to use in your games of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, as well articles to inspire your creativity. 

The magazine has 3 pillars of content. 

1. Useable Content
Firstly I wanted content that you could actually use in your games, so things like new classes, monsters, and adventures.

2. Advice Content
I make a lot of D&D advice videos, but not all topics lend themselves to the video format, and this magazine is the perfect vessel for me to take some of those topics that I can't make a video on and turn them into articles.

3. Content to Inspire
This is the most nebulous category because it will mean different things to different people, but a lot of people have found my worldbuilding videos and streams helpful, or have been inspired by the stories I've told of my games.

I want readers to come away from an issue of SIDEQUEST excited and inspired to create.
I got started in the tabletop hobby with magazines, from Battlegames in Middle Earth, to White Dwarf, and I miss the feeling of flicking through a magazine at the start of a month and finding inspiration in unlikely places.

That's what I want to provide with SIDEQUEST.

Issue 1 is being released May 1st, and I have committed to an initial run of 3 issues which will release May 1st, June 1st, and July 1st. If those 3 issues are well received, we will continue to produce the magazine. 
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When we reach 150 patrons, the Icarus webstore discount for the $5 ties and above will increase to 15%. 

As we continue to grow, so will this discount! 
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