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About insert credit

Welcome back to the insert credit show!

We started this thing as a web site in 2001. It was a place for alternative writing about video games, strongly pushing the idea of video games as subjective art, where we tried to root out the odd niches and spaces between the cracks of the traditional game industry. We've always been of the mind that weirdos, opinion-havers, music-likers, and game appreciators were cool people, so long as they treated each other nice.

Since that time a whole bunch of things happened in game journalism, and most of it wasn't our fault. We're here to make those things our fault again, starting with a revival of the popular podcast we did for several years. 

Hello, I'm Brandon Sheffield, the co-founder of insert credit, and together with several of the people who made the site what it was, we're bringing the show back, all the way.

Who needs another podcast?
First of all, I slightly resent your implication that this is "just another podcast," even though it is. I promise we offer *more* that just four dudes talking over each other (though we do have that). Here are some cool elements of our show:

First, we have structure! We don't spend more than six minutes talking about any given topic, no matter how much we want to. Well, sometimes we use a bonus minute, but it's rare. Tim wants to make sure you know he came up with this idea even though I'm pretty sure Jaffe helped.

Second, we've got a cast of characters who are good at arguing with each other! Maybe you've enjoyed some of our other work.

Me, Brandon Sheffield, I used to run Game Developer magazine and was senior editor at, and am now an indie dev, working on projects like Street Fighter 30th, SNK 40th, Samurai Shodown Collection, and Indivisible, as well as my own projects with Necrosoft Games, like Gunhouse, Gunsport, and Oh, Deer!

Then there's Frank Cifaldi, video game historian with the Video Game History Foundation, formerly of 1up and Gamasutra, who has also worked on a bunch of those curator games I mentioned, and some I didn't, like the Mega Man Legacy and Disney Afternoon collections.

We've also got one(1) Tim Rogers, because no show can handle two Tim Rogerses. Tim has worked at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Grasshopper Manufacture, and designs games at Action Button, but you might know him from his videos at Kotaku, or his own Patreon.

Last but not least (he's the tallest among us), we have host Alex Jaffe, back from his soul-searching journey along the warrior's path. Jaffe likes lists! He likes comic books, and does podcasts about them. He's also a writer for DC Universe, so can definitely tell you who would win in a fight, Batman or any other person.

We've all known each other for a long time, we all feel pretty differently about video games, and hanging out with us basically feels like hanging out with your *very smart* buds.

Third, we know lots of smart and fun people that we're going to invite on as guests. You will have heard of them!

Fourth, we've done this before. We have 130-ish episodes for you to listen to, so you don't have to take my word for it. Turns out it was a pretty popular show - we were the #13 video game podcast for a while before we stopped. Having started this up again, I can say with confidence that all we're doing is here getting right back to it.

So you might ask, when will we start? Joke's on you, we already did.
Here's our first episode in... 4 years? I don't know. It's been a long time. You sure won't notice though. What you might notice is an increase in the sound quality. A few of us got mics! But we would like to get even better ones!

Listen here!

Or on RSS, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify or whatever else!

So, back to the patreon - the intention here is to fund several things:
1) a resurrection of the insert credit podcast, with the boys back together. We want to pay everyone for their time, including our editor Blaine Brown, our host Alex Jaffe, and the rest of us, but them first.

2) a recasting of my (Brandon Sheffield's) past interviews for Gamasutra, insert credit, and Game Developer magazine, placing them in the context in which they were done, and the context of the present day. This will be done in written (long) and podcast (short) form. Mostly I'll take note of interesting pieces of wisdom from these pieces, discussing how they have influenced the future of games, or haven't. But also I'll talk about how I interviewed someone so hard that I got death threats, but when the game came out people actually mailed me to rescind those threats. Or the time Tim and I showed Toshihiro Nagoshi a video of us dancing in front of Don Quijote, and he said "oh." Or how I got an unsanctioned interview Yuji Naka and wouldn't tell Sega how I did it. I *will* tell *you* though.

3) original tiny journalism-y podcasts by me, Brandon Sheffield, who can't leave well enough alone. I might call it insert credit gaiden. These can be as small as an investigation into how a single drawing in a Japanese Sega magazine led to the redesign of Sonic in Sonic Adventure, or longer-form things like a deep dive into the origins of the twin-stick shooter. What and how much I can do will be dependent on how popular this winds up being.

4) a proper searchable archive of past insert credit work (news especially, since for a lot of japanese game news from 2001-2007 insert credit was the sole english language reporting source). And again if we have money, I can actually pay to finish the halfway-done, incredibly nice-looking site redesign we've got.

5) maintenance of the revamped forums, which you can join right now! Do you like talking about things in a slower fashion with other people who have similar interests? This is the place for you!

6) better mics and recording equipment!

7) a theme song!

8) etc!!

So what do I get??
For your hard-earned dollars, here's what we pledge:

- We will give you four podcasts per month, one way or another. One per week on average. These will be free to everyone of course, but you will get the podcast a day early. Right now we're thinking backers get it Tuesday, and the rest of the internet gets it Wednesday. We will commit to putting it everywhere you can listen to things.

- Some of our podcasts will feature listener questions. The episodes will still be free, but only those who pledge will get to ask questions.

- My journalism-y podcasts will also be available to you a day before they go live, when I'm able to do them. I'm aiming for one per month.

- Better mics, better internet, better recording software, better quality, better show. Overall, you're really just supporting this podcast, and helping to improve it. As we get better equipment and software the episodes will sound better and run smoother. Ultimately we know the real prize comes from our ongoing efforts to entertain you.

So, let's hang out like we used to. Let's insert credit, again.

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