is creating a pro-social culture.

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The power of collective action

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One person, alone, cannot lift a car into the air. Twenty people, trying in succession, cannot lift the car either. Twenty people acting collectively, however, might succeed.

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For amounts above $2.99, the processing fees change. At $2.99, fees, as a percentage of the patronage, are the lowest.

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Why $5.01 instead of $5.00? Because the 1 cent signals that this is version one of this tier. Maybe that will be useful for organization or analysis. 




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About Integrated

The core goal of the Integrated Patreon page is pro-social action.

At the moment, the pro-social actions primarily benefit me, Hunter, but this is not Hunter's Patreon page. DualDonate tiers, for example, directly benefit other people.

If I were to recover or otherwise did not need support from the Integrated Patreon page, then the true goals of this page would be more obvious to everyone:
  1. Empower you, the patron, to be more pro-social.
  2. Combine the strength of Integrated patrons to empower disenfranchised people: return the power that was stolen from them.


DualDonate gives you the power to support good causes and Integrated at the same time. At least once a month, we give half of the DualDonate patronage to at least one charity, freeware developer, artist, educator, research project, or another recipient who is improving lives.

$381.70 of $2,244 per month
I have food, medicine, and shelter, so I can build more communities. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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