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About Caelyn Sandel

Hi! I'm Caelyn Sandel. I'm a multimedia storyteller with a penchant for character-focused narratives and examining social issues through text. I write games, novels, and vignettes, mostly within the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

I love subverting genre tropes and surprising my readers and players. I've been writing and producing games off and on for almost 20 years and telling stories for longer than I can even remember, so the opportunity to create a community that follows my work is a dream come true.

This Patreon campaign has and will continue to provide the freedom I need to build momentum as a professional storyteller while still allowing me to release creative work to the public at no charge. As I produce more, expect more continuity and expansion on my existing works. My first fiction universe, the Age of Corporations, is already the subject of a published novel and also a second book that is currently in editing. Supporting me ensures the development of existing fictional universes and the creation of new ones.
If you'd like to see more of what I've done, please visit my website,, to check out the games, stories, and talks that I've done!

Or, if you'd like something a bit more curated, take a look at a small sample of works that I have created or collaborated on, all of which are free to read or play online:
  • Moon Light, Moon Knight, a light novel about learning to accept your true self and destroy monsters, which I co-wrote with Talen Lee.
  • My IF serial novel, Bloom, about coming out as trans during adulthood
  • An award-winning collaboration with Carolyn VanEseltine, One Eye Open (best played using the Gargoyle Interpreter program)
  • My confined-space survival horror game, It Is Pitch Black
  • Does Canned Rice Dream of a Napkin Heap?, the graphical "reverse IF" game that I wrote as part of a four person team for Zoe Quinn's Antholojam

Questions? Misgivings? Ancient prophecies? Hit me up on twitter: @inurashii
$451.79 of $500 per month
I was always intending to continue writing Bloom, but this milestone makes it official: if I hit $500 worth of Patreon pledges, I promise to continue Bloom into a second season!
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