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About I+Everything

I+Everything is a collection of various artistic output and an attempt to create community, challenge old paradigms and expand and evolve together.  This page serves to organize all my work, and as a digital hat that supporters can throw spare change into.  

All my work is available as a gift (pay-what-you-want) because I believe in the free flow of energy between people.  I encourage you to support my work but you are by no means obliged to. 

Current projects (descriptions below):
Invisible Strings (songs)
Art-ist (2019)
Mirror (2019)
Sun Shone Blue (2019)
Bed's Bed (2019)

Invisible Strings (2015)
Art and Artist (2015)

Confessions of the Damaged (stories).  
Confessions of the Damaged is a collection of short stories that explores the invisible strings that tie us together, rhythms that pulsates just beyond our awareness, and the lines that separate worlds. The stories take place in and around a place called The Village. The Village has many incarnations, past, present, and future. Perhaps you have been there.
Climbing the Fence
Invisible Strings
Astral Blanket
A Good Day
The Village
Blueprint #1
A reflection
Blueprint #2

NEW : The Adventures of Helicopter Pee Man
In the future I may edit and reorganize the stories into a PDF or physical publication. Some of the stories are being expanded into longer narratives that can stand on their own. Everything is subject to change and I hope to make it a collaborative process.
If you can relate to any of the stories or characters or feelings presented, feel free to write about it in the comments on Patreon or on Facebook.
Why Pay-what-you-want?
We seem to put a lot of value on the publication process, and when it comes to artistic output, whether stories, songs, or film, we usually focus on a finished product. Even art which is not envisioned as a product seems to get most of it's attention as such.

Art translates into a product for a few purposes but one of the main purposes is to reach as many people as possible. Reaching as many people as possible is not my goal. I'm writing to inspire those who are able to feel something from my work. I also hope to share ideas, share as in we share with each other, this is not a one-way street.

Another reason art translates into a product is to fit our rigid ideas of exchange in order to conform to a structure that encourages the artist's monetary compensation but there are many problems with this structure and there must be other ways for artists to thrive.

I intend to avoid conforming to the old structures. I DO hope to be provided for but I do not wish for it to be seen as compensation for a product (or for some kind of perk). I offer what I can offer and trust and hope that you do the same. Monetary gifts or other forms of support are encouraged and will be greatly appreciated as they allow me to put more into my work and give back more.

For more on Pay-what-you-want:
On Pay-what-you-want and a Gift Economy

I very much welcome crypto gifts

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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