Isometric Worlds ( ON HOLD)

Isometric Worlds ( ON HOLD)

Creating Isometric Maps & Tokens for tabletop RPGs

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Humble Scout +

reward item
reward item
per month
Full VTT ready to play maps.
2 map packs per month.
1 Isometric token pack per month.

For each map pack:
  • Day / night & Gridded / Gridless 
  • + Any variations - Some maps have variations in placements or theme.
  • Token pack - Isometic Tokens that fit the theme.
  • Discord access. Come chat to us and others who are using Isometric Worlds assets, discuss TTRPGs, and share ideas.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Full VTT ready to play maps
  • Character / Monster Token Pack
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Veteran Guide +

reward item
reward item
per month
  • Foundry VTT packs - Ready to play Foundry Content
  • All of the previous tier rewards
  • Asset packs 
  • Extras maps and tokens! - Sometimes we will make a third or fourth map / token pack. Its not guaranteed but when we do it will go in here. 
Includes Discord benefits
  • Full VTT ready to play maps
  • Character / Monster Token Pack
  • Extra maps and tokens

Generous Wizard

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reward item
per month
This tier is for those who want to support that extra bit. We dont know how we can show you our appriciation but we will do our best! When we cheer, it will be in your name. 
Includes Discord benefits
  • Asset Pack
  • Full VTT ready to play maps
  • Character / Monster Token Pack




per month

About Isometric Worlds ( ON HOLD)


We are three concept artist friends who connected through our love of DnD and TTRPGs. Being that we are all from around the world, New Zealand, Argentina, and Germany, virtual tabletops are how we come to play together. That's why we started making assets for our own games and had a lot of fun doing it and now we want to share that with all of you. 

We make high detailed hand-painted isometric maps and tokens for our own TTRPG games and want to share them with the world. Each month we will create an Isometric maps with player or creature tokens following a theme. These could be fantasy, or sci-fi, depending on what worlds we are playing in, or what our Patreons vote for. Currently, we are making two packs a month. Hand painting is slow!

An Isometric map pack with characters & monsters, following a themed adventure. When we hit our goals we will also start adding in item cards, increase our drop rate, and more!

  • Ready-to-play isometric map.
  • Day and night-time variants along with grid and gridless for those who like to play without rules!
  • Isometric Character or beast tokens, so that your games will stay in theme, and look like a video game.  Face your foes in glorious isometric.
  • An asset pack from each map, so you can go beyond and build in finer detail.

  • Our recommendation is the Veteran Guide+ which unlocks all that we make and Foundry VTT modules, ready to go and set up for you!

    So if you choose to join us on this never-ending adventure then please sit at our table and accept our heartfelt thanks.  You will only be charged when we create new packs, and we are over the moon to have you join us.

    So let us all pour a horn of ale, and may your hits crit, and your misses be memorable. 

    JOIN US! Today. 

    Thank you! - Daniel, Doodle, and Max.

    47 of 50 patrons
    Broken Barrel Inn  map 
    Thanks so much for helping us get started! As a thank you from us we will make the Broken Barrel Inn map 

    • Free map for all, asset pack available to those on the correct tiers.

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