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About Jack Morton Games

Wizfucking World Synopsis

"A boy after his mother’s death moves away completely from the father he hated.
The young man goes to live in the infamous neighborhood of Baxden where he lives with his roommate Cammy.
One September evening he is attacked by a red-haired girl able to throw spells from a wand, the boy convinced of his father’s involvement in the incident contacts his half-sister to face the dangers just arrived.
His sister, Emma, warns him that the situation is more absurd than expected by offering the boy what seems to be special invitations to the Porkwarts School of Magic.
Help the two protagonists in this battle against evil, monsters, and dark magic with shots of Big Tits and Hard Asses, Love Magic and Sex

Hello, my little magician, my name is Jack Morton and I am the author of the adventures in "Wizfucking World".
I have several goals in the course of our journey but for those, have patience, there is time.
Now sit with me around the drone and, if you like, support the project because what I’m going to tell you is a story that has incredible...

Will you enjoy the game?

I always dreamed that everyday life could hide something unexpected, absurd, and magical.
The adventure stories in which the characters are driven to embark on journeys full of mysteries and discoveries I have always loved, as I love the feelings that these tales convey.
So I decided to make my own personal story, my own journey.
I’m aiming to make the game interesting not only for the spicy situations in which the protagonists will have to try but also because the secrets and the events to discover are many and the lore behind the school of magic of Porkwarts is complex and obscure, and there are many ways to understand it.
This game is for adults who love storytelling, branching choices, humor, and drama.
There will be a big amount of sexual content in the game, but it won’t be the primary goal of the title.

How often do you plan to release updates?

I will aim to publish an update per month, in case of fixes or bug resolutions without adding new areas or scenes and fragments of history, I will publish every two weeks.
I’m creating the art and animations, writing the dialogue, programming the game, finding music with correct licenses, managing the game pages, and packaging/uploading the game.
I love to do this, but please understand that it’s a nice amount of work for a single person.

Why should I become a patron?

This work takes a great deal of time and I would like to turn this project not only into my creative outlet but also into my primary work.
I wish I could do this 24/7.
Without you Patreons, I couldn’t do it, and the game would be nothing but a small job done by a boy in his spare time.
With the help you would give you will help me to improve my PC and my equipment, you would help me in collaborations with other creatives, in original song creations and merchandising.
I want "Wizfucking World" to become something more.
I want the game to be something big.

It’s not important the amount you give, you’re not buying the game, you’re helping me write the plot of my dream.

If you like what I’m creating and would like to express your appreciation through a donation, consider being one of my Patrons.
No donation is too small and every donation is appreciated and of course, I thank you with all my heart for the time you have dedicated to me in reading my page and playing my game!

A hug, little Wizard, I wait for you in Porkwarts to start this adventure, see you soon!
_Jack Morton.

43 of 50 patrons
Once I reach 50 Patreons I will draw from the donors of the "Mini level" up to the "Massive Fat Wand" where I will realize a commission for the winner in which they will indicate the character they choose and the pose in which to place it.
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