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About Jaded Phoenix Studios

All members of the team have faced struggles due to fitting into at least one minority group. Finding relevant and genuine art, games, and films was often difficult. though we have passions in all of these fields. Coming together as both family and coworkers, Jaded Phoenix Studios defines itself as a multimedia production company geared toward genuine expression of thought, feeling, and experience.

Games are an exciting and versatile form of storytelling due to their interactivity. One could choose to tell a linear story--just like most other deliberate forms--or something a bit more open-ended and user-dependent. Bringing genuine stories and sentiments to such a diverse medium is an incredibly exciting notion.


Art tells a subtle story. You can look at a piece and compare it to the artist's previous work and tell what differences they faced in their personal turmoil and challenges. You can tell how much they strived for growth. You can see a soul within every passionate artist's work. Before language, art was the ultimate storytelling tool.


In today's world, words are the dominant storytelling tool. Verbal or visual: they compel people to action and inaction, inspire and deflate, transport and ground. Because of their strength, people sometimes forget that words are not the only stories being told.


Though not a lost or ignored art by any means, many people have shifted to using and desiring film purely for its visual flourish rather than letting effects enhance the story being told. Rather than an adventure in escapism and thoughtlessness, film, for us, is a pursuit in passion and experimentation. Risk taking and heart breaking.


Music influences people on a much more subconscious plane than the other storytelling types. It channels and stores feeling and memory in ways that other methods do not. Whether lyrical or instrumental, most songs carry a hidden story. People are driven to create playlists to help them sort through feelings and fan videos to express their interpretations to others.


We are currently working to create a schedule that allows regularly scheduled uploads.

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