Creating various bots on Discord, for entertainment, utility, and more!

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About John

Hello! I'm John Grosh! I studied Computer Science in college, and I spend most of my free time developing bots for the online communication site Discord. My goal is creating bots that are useful to various communities, filling their needs and making Discord a better place.

If you donate, please link your Discord account to your Patreon account and join my Bot Server!

I develop many different bots, and each has its own goals and uses. Below, I've outlined descriptions of some of the bots that I develop. I'm constantly developing and updating these bots, and I'm always looking for more features and improvements I can make!


GiveawayBot is the perfect bot for holding giveaways on your Discord server. It keeps track of the entries, the time remaining, and picking a winner, so you don't have to! It's very easy to use, and is sure to make your next giveaway go smoothly!
GiveawayBot Website


Yggdrasil is designed with fun in mind, and it has lots of silly commands to keep spirits high. It has a soundboard to play funny sounds in your voice channel. There are various phones so that you can text (or voice) chat with other users on random servers. It has some games like DeathBattle and FidgetSpinner to keep people entertained and promote healthy competition between friends. It can also do dice-rolling, spoiler-image generation, fortune-telling, and lots more!
Yggdrasil Website
Yggdrasil Patreon


Vortex is designed as a powerful (but easy-to-use) moderation and auto-moderation bot. For the basic moderation commands, it doesn't require any setup. It also can perform most operations "in-bulk", so if you need a lot of users muted or kicked, Vortex is the bot for you! Its auto-moderation features can prevent spam and advertising in your server, and it can help mitigate or prevent raids as well!
Vortex Wiki


Frost is an extremely simple cleverbot. You can chat with him if you wish, or run your own version, as the source is open and supports running it yourself! If you'd like to check out the code for yourself (it's less than 30 lines!), take a look on its GitHub repository!

JMusicBot (Clarity)

The JMusicBot is a music bot that you can host yourself! As a self-host bot, you can set its name, avatar, and prefix. You can also make your own playlists, play music from a large number of sources (like YouTube, Soundcloud, and most online radio), and more! It has very clean menus and commands, and crystal-clear music quality, so all of your users can use and enjoy it quickly and easily!
Setup Guide

    I have some other bots that I develop too, like Spectra, 💾❗, GuildBot, and a few others. I also help out with a couple API libraries, and try to improve the development community where I can. I always appreciate donations, because they help cover the costs, provide incentive to keep working, and are strong proof that people value what I do. That being said, I don't do all this development for money; I do the things I do because I want to help people. And I hope that if you're here reading this, I've been able to help you too! If you have suggestions for more features, or you'd like to report a bug, or you just want to chat with me, feel free to join my Discord server. And finally, thanks for checking out my page!

- John Grosh

PS: This Patreon page is set up for monthly donations. If you want to do a one-time donation, consider using
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This goal covers most of the costs of hosting my Discord bots so that I can keep hosting and improving them! Every month that I don't reach this goal, I'm losing money :(
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