is creating videos about LEGO sets, custom builds & a room-sized city layout

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("Keetorange" is old Bionicle fan slang for Flame Yellowish-Orange, made famous by a like-colored character named Keetongu!)
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Hi, I'm Jang, aka "JANGBRiCKS."  Since 2009 I've been sharing my enjoyment of things assembled from interconnecting pieces of plastic. This has grown from a side hobby that I occasionally blogged about into a full-time, 7 day per week commitment with posts to multiple YouTube channels, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the good old dot com.

What I do

My main content consists of non-sponsored, independent reviews of LEGO sets that I purchase as a regular consumer, as well as occasional products from ethical, high-quality compatible brands.  I also share my gradual work on a roughly 300 square foot LEGO display consisting of a near-future city with three working train lines and a number of smaller themed dioramas like a custom Minecraft layout, deep seabed exploration scene, and underground mining site.

Who I reach

My 1.2 million strong subscriber base is diverse in absolutely every way. Parents as well as teen & adult fans of the hobby watch my product reviews to help them decide what to buy. College students play my real-time "pure build" videos for background noise or a calming ASMR-like effect.  Kids watch my layout tours to imagine what it's like to be a minifigure living in New Jang City.  My most unexpected audience segment is people who suffer from PTSD or anxiety disorders who just find my vocal presentation to have a calming and grounding effect.

Key tenets of my work

  • Maximum focus on the products or custom builds themselves, not the person presenting them
  • Fair, comprehensive, and honest set reviews that clearly separate personal bias from objective evaluations
  • Relentless pursuit of ever higher quality video and audio production, never being satisfied
  • Calm, clean, mature, genuine presentation with no manufactured drama or fake intensity
  • Sharing connections to personal life experiences, including ties to past jobs, other hobbies, or nostalgia from my own childhood
  • Making & sharing custom builds that are entirely by me, from me, based on my own interests & inspiration I pick up from wherever it strikes

Under attack

While I've been able to reach an incredible audience on YouTube in the past, the platform itself has grown shockingly unreliable for creators like me who have to navigate a labyrinth of obstacles over which we have little to no control. Years ago I could simply make good content that people wanted to see, but these days I need to constantly re-tune my work to appease behind-the-scenes computer algorithms. In January 2020 due to YouTube changes related to a federal law they were caught breaking, I lost over a million past viewer comments and the vast majority of residual income on over 4,000 videos, more than 90% of my past work. For new content I had to completely re-strategize and change my format to avoid being punished by flawed automated systems when I, myself, have done nothing wrong.

Join me!

Your support will help me to decouple from the behind-the-scenes mechanisms of YouTube and focus on what really matters, providing informative and/or entertaining content that can be enjoyed by viewers around the world.  In this new decade I am striving to continue to improve the quality and value of my work and offer more fans more ways to connect with me and have a direct impact on the content I produce.
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With this level of support I can make a more dramatic paradigm shift away from the YouTube algorithm chase/fight and towards a deeper creator-community relationship & bond. Expect far more raw & behind the scenes content and opportunities to directly engage with me and connect with my work!
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