Jared Petty

Jared Petty

Hop, Blip, and a Jump, Pockets Full of Soup, The Top 100 Podcast

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About Jared Petty

I make all kinds of things, including the new Top 100 Games Podcast

It's silly, it's fun, and you might learn something too. On the Top 100 Games Podcast, we talk with a series of expert guests about a different groundbreaking, amazing all-time game every week.
Everything you love about video games is connected.

All that is best about the games we love, the art that moves us and delights us and changes our lives... it all has a singular beating heart, a common spirit of wonder and a history of imagination that transcend the sum of the parts. 

Hop, Blip, and a Jump is part-diary, part documentary, a series of bite-sized videos highlighting gaming’s beautiful and magical moments, with each episode’s theme leading right into the next. Past, present, and future, we’ll explore it all, and learn how the genius of one invention inspires another, and how each majestic moment in games moves us to make the real world a more wonderful place.

Hop, Blip, and a Jump is a celebration of what makes this art form special, and an escape from the regular screaming and unfiltered noise of the internet. It’s thoughtful, it’s quiet, it’s concise, it’s informative, and it’s inspiring, but I promise it will never be boring.

I don’t think there’s really ever been anything quite like this series in the world of games, and I encourage you to watch the inaugural episode to get an idea of where we’re heading. It’s the kind of project that’s not a great fit for traditional ad-supported games media outlets, but that I believe matters. But it can only exist with your backing and your help.

New episodes of Hop, Blip, and a Jump will be released, well.. when they're done! I'll send each out as soon as the video quality comes together to meet the standards I'm setting.

I'll also continue producing Pockets Full of Soup, because it matters deeply to me and I believe in it. Pockets Full of Soup is a storytelling show about the people who help make us who we are. Sometimes the stories are funny, sometimes they’re sad, but they’re always meaningful. Hosted by Jared Petty, Pockets Full of Soup asks a rotating group of interesting guests a simple question: “who are you thankful for?” I will be producing fewer episodes per month to place a greater emphasis on production and keeping the conversations and guests as interesting as possible, but rest assured Pockets will remain a part of my life and yours for the foreseeable future.

Finally, I like to make a series of streams at http://twitch.tv/hopblipandajump called ReCollection. In this series, I'm rebuilding my long lost video game collection one game at a time, and inviting you along as I re-experience these favorites from the past. ReCollection is also available as VOD on YouTube.  
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Thanksgiving Day Extravaganza

A show about saying "Thank You" seems a natural fit for a Thanksgiving Special. If we make it to this lofty goal, we'll put together an extra-special November episode complete with Turkey Day memories, heartwarming stories, and and much more. 
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