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Let's go deeper. At this level you will gain early access to the latest episode of the new monthly series, The Jeff Gerstmann Hall of Fame, a monthly look at a game that matters (to Jeff Gerstmann). This will be an opportunity for me to revisit the games that matter (to me). You know, important stuff, like Rambo for the Sega Master System or that Syndicate reboot that I refuse to shut up about.

You will also receive episodes of the new podcast, Game Boyz II Men This is an in-depth dive into my early history in video games. I'll be joined by Glenn Rubenstein for a chunk of this ride, as Glenn was there from the very beginning. What was it like being a teenager trying to cover the video game industry? You'll find out.

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Let's get nuts. As an accomplice you will be invited to join The Gerstmann Advisory Panel, where you will be able to vote on various subjects, including various categories for a monthly podcast segment and the Panel's overall Game of the Year. This will be the most direct way to let me know about the games (and music, movies, anime, and TV) that matter to you, and we'll find a way to let the world know about it.

Includes Discord benefits
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  • Access to the Game Boyz II Men Podcast
  • Early Access to The Jeff Gerstmann Hall of Fame
  • The Gerstmann Advisory Panel



About Jeff Gerstmann

Jeff Gerstmann (that's me) has been covering video games and the game industry for something like 30 years now. For most of that run, I've been doing that work for a variety of publications that you may have heard of. I started doing this when I was still in high school. This led to me more or less dropping out of college to go play Mortal Kombat 3 at an arcade industry show in Reno, and the following year I started working full-time at a video game publication. I've written thousands of reviews, recorded thousands of hours of video, and I've been podcasting since... I don't know, 2005 or something insane like that.

I believe in this work, now more than ever. Especially the podcast end of things. The problem is that doing a lot of this work for someone else means that a chunk of your behind-the-scenes time is taken up with meetings and staring at traffic numbers and various types of hand-wringing. This aspect of the business seems like it's only getting worse as the years go on. So it's time for me to do something about that and reclaim that time for more useful endeavors. It's time for me to pull a Mario Van Peebles. It's time for me to go solo.

Of course, in this case, "solo" is something of a misnomer. I want to work with you directly to build another fantastic podcast and an assortment of video content about video games, both for the world at large and for us, here inside this community we're building. I want to use my years of experience in hosting and interviewing to get more access to the minds that shape the video games we play and the industry that fuels it all. I want to build a passionate community of cool video game players that exists outside of all the dumb, fanboy-ish fighting that you see all over social media these days. And I want us to have fun along the way.

I invite you to join me on this journey.


The base offering is my weekly podcast. I'm kicking around some actual names for all this, but this is all coming together in the moment, so for now, I'm launching The Jeff Gerstmann Show: A Podcast About Video Games wherever fine podcasts are found. Additional content will include live streams that will aim to bring you fresh looks at new releases, ongoing looks at old games and the variety of strange new ways we can engage with them, and more.

The podcast will air live on Tuesdays. Ad-free audio will post here on Patreon!

I, uh, will also do some occasional non-game stuff. After all, I still need to watch these Gundam Blu-Rays...

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