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Creating a Podcast and Blog

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About R.W. Richey

Over the last few months I decided to create a blog which appeals to no one:


Additionally I turn all of these blogs into podcasts. For those people which consume content more readily in audio form.

It’s got religion AND politics, not to mention predictions of doom and obscure historical references. Also all of the entries are long. Okay the blogs are long, the podcasts are short (when compared to other podcasts). 

I assume that despite all of these negatives that you have decided to read/listen to it. And that further, if you're on this page that you're considering supporting it. 

All I can say is, "Thank You!" I think there truly is a hole in the current discourse which needs filling. It's a small hole, I may be the only one that can see it, but it's there and I appreciate your support in helping me speak to this narrow, but very important niche.
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When I get to $50 a month I will release a special extra-length blog/podcast. With...

Wait for it....

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