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About Irfan

Hey! Please consider supporting us to keep the free Jikan REST API running!


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Jikan is an open-source API for It scrapes the website to satisfy the need for an API functionalities - which MyAnimeList lacks.

The raison d'être of Jikan is to assist developers easily get the data they need for their apps and projects without having to depend on the lackluster official API, unstable APIs, or sidetracking their projects to develop parsers.

The word Jikan literally translates to Time in Japanese (時間). And that's what this API saves you of. ;)

Read more on the Features currently provided by Jikan.


The Jikan REST API was launched back in May, 2017. MyAnimeList is one of the biggest anime and manga community + database out there. Yet it lacked proper support for 3rd party applications that would've wished to use the data available on their websites. Creating Jikan was in response to MyAnimeList's lack of a REST-ful API - which would help 3rd party developers do exactly that.

The Jikan API has been and forever will be an open-source entity for developers to seamlessly integrate with their apps.

Thanks to amazing contributors, Jikan has significantly improved and has over 10 wrappers in 9 different languages - with full coverage. The userbase has been actively growing since it's launch - more on that in Metrics.


Jikan launched initially with a few thousand requests being made to it monthly. Today, Jikan caters to over 25 million requests, weekly.

How Your Patronage Is Used

Your patronage is not for personal use. 100% of the income is put into operating expenses. I do not use any of the received amounts. The purpose is to keep the Jikan REST API running and to provide a better service for the developers of the community. If goals are met, Jikan will be scaled in an effort to provide better service.
$100 - reached! per month
Hiyori API
Reaching this goal would allow us to host Hiyori API with the projected production stack once it's out of Beta
  • Worker Server
  • MongoDB Database
  • Backups
  • Snapshots
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