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is creating trombone/jazz/funk/world music and videos

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About Jim Lutz

Hi there! I’m Jim, and I make music and videos, mostly using trombones. Thank you for checking out my Patreon page, and for considering becoming my patron! My patrons give me sustainable revenue from my creations, and they inspire me to keep creating. I can’t thank them enough!

If you’re new to Patreon, here’s how it works: Patrons (that’s you, hopefully!) pledge to pay me as little as a dollar (or as much as you like!) when I make a new creation. I plan to post a finished projects each week. Note that patrons can (and should) set a monthly maximum total for their pledges.

My patrons are members of my inner circle. They get exclusive rewards like patron-only bonus content and behind-the-scenes access. They get insights into (and influence on) my creative process, early access to new works, free downloads, and acknowledgement in the credits. (I'm open to other ideas for rewards, too! Let me know what you think!) My patrons also inspire and empower me to keep making better stuff! Most of all, my patrons are the core of my tribe; a community of people who love the kind of stuff I love to make!

A final thought: For several years, I have created original content and posted it freely on sites like YouTube, and/or offered it for sale/streaming on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms. I plan to continue doing that, because I deeply enjoy both the process and the finished products, and because I know that my work is enjoyed and appreciated by all kinds of folks around the world! Here’s the thing, though: When I create a video, I rely on thousands of dollars worth of instruments and gear, decades of training and experience, and hours of work to get from an idea in my head to the finished product you see on your screen. I think many people assume that when they enjoy a creation on YouTube or hear it streaming on Spotify, the person or people who made the content must be getting paid well for their work. Unfortunately, that is seldom the case. Streaming pays creators in *fractions* of pennies. People (myself included!) have gotten used to enjoying online content for free, and we often can’t fathom the time, energy, resources, and passion that go into creating that content. We see, we “like,” we share, and we move on. Don’t get me wrong, it truly makes my heart happy when people show their appreciation for what I do! But as much as I enjoy the likes, shares, subscriptions, praise, and other warm fuzzies, they don’t pay the bills... :) The good news is that more and more people are starting to consider both the value and the real cost of the content we all enjoy online, and to look for ways to patronize creators. And guess what? You have just found a fantastic way to patronize a creator! I hope that you get enjoyment and value from my music and videos, and that you’ll consider joining me on this journey. I find Patreon exciting because it allows you as a patron to get some really cool stuff and be a part of my story (and make me part of yours!), while providing me with the resources and inspiration to make better music, videos, and other content. Cool, right?!

If you've read this far, go ahead and click on the "BECOME A PATRON" button. You won't regret it! Thanks again for stopping by and for considering becoming a patron. See you soon!
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19 for '19! My goal is to grow the tribe to 19 patrons in 2019. When we get there, I have a surprise for my whole Patreon family.
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