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PFC's will receive monthly sacramental medals which I will have blessed prior to sending. I will also include information about the particular Saint and the history of the medal!
Blessed medals are fierce ammunition in the war on Satan. Check out my video for full details!
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Monthly blessed Medal

Every soldier knows they need to call on supporting units when they find themselves in a bad spot. Email me with your specific requests and I will dedicate one of my fasting days as a sacrifice for your specific situation. As our Lord tells us, sometimes the enemy can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. [email protected]
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Basic Combat Load includes the following
Monthly Medal (Blessed)
1 Combat Rosary after first payment (Blessed)
Monthly Battle Strategies, Insights and Prayers 
1 Container of Holy Water

Call on me for Combat support and I will dedicate one of my fasting days to your intention. [email protected]
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Dear Comrades,
I’m tired.
I’m tired of watching you, my brothers and sisters in arms, survive countless bodily dangers in combat, only to come home and succumb to the enemy.
I’m tired of watching you courageous warriors live out warrior ethos and virtues, only to come home and fold like a cheap card table at the slightest assault from the enemy.
I’m tired of watching the enemy use trauma as an opening to destroy your peace and your families.
I’m tired of watching the most disciplined soldiers the world has ever know, come home and not be able to hold down a job.
I’m tired of seeing so many lost souls losing the battle
I’m tired of the same stories over and over again;
“ Combat Veteran comes home to cheating wife, gets divorced, develops a substance abuse problem and spirals downward.”
“Veteran fulfills contract but can’t hold down a job and becomes homeless.”
Or Veteran comes home and suffers from PTSD and commits suicide while on medication.
Or “combat veteran with honorable discharge, arrested for domestic abuse.”
Sometimes its more subtle. How many of us are morbidly out of shape now? How many of us have smoke, dip, or chew too much? How many times does 2 drinks turn into 12?
But isn’t all that what is expected of us? Haven’t we let the world, treat us like poor, weak victims? Like we are some class of people who is almost expected to be dysfunctional because ya know war and all that?
The proposed solutions are always the same too. More outreach, more access to mental health professionals and programs, more medication, more shelters for homeless vets, more grant money, more science, better coping mechanisms and systems and books and talks and programs. Hey let’s try nontraditional treatments while we are at it like weed, or *cringe* yoga and meditation!
I am not saying the above proposed solutions don’t have their place, but it has been my experience none of them can give the warrior what he needs on a deep soul level. The truth is that there is still a war to fight. A warrior is built for battle just as a fish is made for the water. We can sit here and try to let them make us fit into a world that will never understand us, or we can turn to our Commander in Chief, the creator of the world and join his army. The ones who are attempting (bless their hearts) to help us acclimate to civilian life are blissfully unaware that they are in the midst of the most important battle that ever was and ever will be….maybe we should be the ones giving them advice? The misunderstood will always be categorized and labeled, but we must not fall prey to the mentality that the masses (however meaningful they are) are projecting onto us. It’s ok to struggle, but it’s not ok to succumb to the struggle. Stop letting them take the warrior out of you, and STOP letting them tell you the war is over, because I assure you with everything that I am and know to be true that the battle will not be over until you are standing face to face with your Creator. The most important war you will ever fight and have ever fought is not in Iraq or Afghanistan, it is everywhere both seen and unseen, and constant.
In the words of one of my Drill Sgts “Duty first, Soldier Always.” I never knew just how important those words were until the Lord in all his mercy, showed me the war that we are all called to fight.
I’m going to need you to soldier up.
Formerly SPC Appi
OIF 2008-2009
340th MP Company

Please help me to spread the call to battle. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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