Creating Songbird Symphony, a musical adventure game!

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About Joysteak

Hello there! We're Joysteak, an independent game studio made up of Tan Kang Soon, Chue Sai Hou and Muhammad Hanif Bin Ghazali, 3 friends who shares a common dream - to make fun games together!

Joysteak is making heartfelt, soulful games that provide enriching and fulfilling experiences for you

What are we working on now?

As you can see from the pretty pictures and gifs we've put up, we're working on a game called Songbird Symphony!

It's a pixel musical adventure game planned for the PC, featuring CUTE BIRDS!

Songbird Symphony tells the story of a young bird (Birb!), starting his journey of self-discovery, meeting the forests' other denizens and learning from them along the way, through the power of music!

Why support us?

Joysteak is dedicated to bringing you high-quality games from the heart.

Right now, we've been working on the game straight after graduation with a few part-time jobs each.

The pixel-art animation, music, and programming required for the game is highly time-consuming, especially when we're trying to give you our best efforts, often having to make multiple changes in a day. Our part-time jobs limits the time we have together to discuss the game and make quick updates, and interrupts the momentum of development (and is really exhausting).

We're also working out of a temporary office space. But, as mentioned, it's only a temporary one, and it's also quite far from where we stay, affecting development time as well.

With your contributions, hopefully we can focus on the game 100% to bring it to you as fast as possible.

And you know what? Let's be friends (below)!

Thank you so very much!
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We're working from the living room of one of our developers (at the dining table, to be specific), and it's not really a healthy or conducive environment. One of our developers' back is suffering because he has been working everyday, from morning to night, in his own living room, on a dining chair, which isn't built for sitting on for the whole day. With $100 a month, we will get ourselves new, comfortable office chairs... which we really need for our good health.
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