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The current novel is a thriller called 'The Cache'. A weekend getaway of geo-cacheing turns into a nightmare race against time! 




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About Jude Mire

Hi, I'm Jude Mire, an author from big 'ol Chicago who moved to a tiny town by the ocean in Nova Scotia! I love writing horror, science fiction, fantasy, and surreal fiction.  I've written an awesome super-hero series for Griot Enterprises, have been published in several online magazines, was a two time DeathScribe Radio Play finalist, and ran a live horror reading series called Cult Fiction in a swanky bar. Spooky!

Across genres, my work has an emphasis on exploring the atypical, expanding diversity, and creating relevant visions. If those are ideas you can get behind then, by all means, please become a patron!

As of 3/25/20 there are
55 stories and 8 novel chapters 
available to patrons!
That's about 
768 pages of content
(307,472 words/400per page) 
to read!
Posty Patrons have been sent
15 Illustrated Story Cards!

Thanks so much to everyone for helping me get so far!

You can check out samples of my work, and search my stories in an easier format, on my website.
19 of 25 patrons
When I get 25 patrons I'll take story suggestions and then write a great big, ridiculous, story that has all the ideas in it and all of my patrons as characters. I expect it shall fall into the surreal category.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 111 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 111 exclusive posts

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