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About Julian Gruber

Thank you for getting here, this means you care enough about open source software and its sustainability to make a conscious effort yourself.

I've authored and am maintaining a vast array of MIT licensed projects, most of them for JavaScript/Node.js. At the time of writing, they are in total receiving  180 Million downloads per month! If you're using Node.js, you're 100% using my modules, and some that I want to highlight here are:

  • brace-expansion (22 Million downloads per month)
    Brace expansion, as known from sh/bash, in JavaScript
    This is used by npm itself, so if you install Node.js you install this package.
  • level/levelup (449.000 downloads per month)
    Fast and simple storage, a Node.js wrapper for LevelDB
    LevelDB lets you write embedded databases in a simple, performant and extensible way.
  • isarray (44 Million downloads per month)
    Array#isArray for older browsers.
    Support me so I don't create another leftpad situation (this is a joke...mostly).
  • browser-run (5.000 downloads per month)
    The easiest way of running code in a browser environment
    Many projects use this for running their browser tests in CI environments, also using tape-run.
  • dat-land/dat-desktop
    Peer to peer data sharing app built for humans
    The desktop client for the decentralised  Dat protocol!
  • travis-watch
    Stream live travis test results of the current commit to your terminal!
    The simplest interface to Travis:
    Also check out its mother project  ci-watch, which brings together Travis and AppVeyor for cross platform results:
Still not sure?

Then I suggest running feross/thanks in one of your main projects and let it list my contributions (if any) to you:

cd /my/project
$ npx thanks


If you want to do a one-time donation, you could donate to:
$0.92 of $1,000 per month
Every donation helps me improve the quality of my open source projects as well as create more new ones.
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