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About Justin Reid

Hey, I'm Justin and I'm a filmmaker, artist, writer, and when the seasons align correctly, a podcaster with my series The Mirror, a meditative series of audio journals, essays and interviews reflecting on the creation of contemporary art and cinema. I spend my time between Northern Queensland and Western Australia, in various states of daydreaming and/or manic creative activity, conjuring up narrative and experimental films, writing, painting, sculpting and creating music and soundscapes. A lot of this work is centred around alienation, dreams, the rhythms of life and the tension between our material and digital existences.

Some reviews of my work:
  • "This feels like what aliens would see if they came to Earth and saw human life for the first time. It is poetic; you are actually seeing life happening and you don't really know why." - My friend Marielle, after viewing my short film bring the sun.

My primary goal is to live a life devoted to art, exposing life's challenging questions through the forms that fit the ideas that come, and to (perhaps naively) help others realise their own creative potential through the development of their interior life and artistic abilities. Time for developing work is crucial, and has also allowed me to help friends and artists close to me develop their own craft, both directly through conversations and mutual-mentorship, and more broadly with The Mirror. 

With support from Patreon, I'm able to devote more time and energy to develop thought-provoking, expressive works of art, as well as produce new episodes of The Mirror which involves researching, writing, producing, editing and sharing them with you all. The Mirror, along with all of my work, is a labour of love, incredibly rewarding (and laborious) to produce, and has already provoked some great discussions between myself and my friends and listeners, so it would be fantastic to receive some financial support to keep it viable. My plan with The Mirror has always been to follow it where it wants to go. This means that rather than producing episodes just to fill time every week, creating content for the sake of it, I spend 6 or more months developing, crafting and finalising a full season worth of episodes - 20 in total, as well as 6 Fever Dreams, (a reading series). This is the current methodology I've adopted, but that may very well change, as all things must. 

My intention is to leave most of the first season of The Mirror publicly available, but from here on out to release it exclusively on Patreon, for you, the generous people who support me. Art must be valued higher than content, and while I seek to make The Mirror as thought-provoking as possible, my ultimate goal is for anyone who experiences it to move beyond it, and think critically and view the world through art for themselves. Because of this, as much as possible (or is suitable for the work) I will be reversing the modern trend of releasing content for free, endlessly, and placing art at a premium, and instead positioning my art as the most important thing as it rightly should be. Content - my thoughts, perspectives, ruminations - in other words, the outgrowths of my feelings that are presented within my artworks, these will be available to you through Patreon, and Patreon alone. I do not want to contribute to the noise of the world, but rather, I want to continue to foster conversations that both challenge us and provoke our curiosity about the world, and to bring that back into our art. That is antithetical to almost every current "best practice", but I stand by this, regardless of money. We already know that when we get everything we want, we feel nothing. This is what I am aiming to change. I want to hear from you as well - what kind of conversations do you feel are important? What would help you in developing your craft? 

Your support will help take my work further than I could imagine, and I'm so excited for where we can go next. Because I believe in practicing what I preach in regards to sharing my process, on Patreon I'll be creating a space affectionately titled The Guild Hall, where I'll be sharing video and photo updates. Short chapters from my life, behind the scenes of what I'm working on, and more as organically as possible. To tantalise you, I can share that I've already recorded some very DIY punk-rock garage videos of me talking about films that have shaped me, how I approach storyboarding (hint: like a pre-schooler approaches macaroni paintings), and there will be a tonne more to come. 

So for $4 a month (or more if you're feeling generous) that money goes directly into funding my projects like The Mirror, as well as my more ambitious work (I'm currently working on a feature film, which is both thrilling and terrifying), and I can't wait to share them all with you. 

Thank you all
Justin <3 

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