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 it means a lot (For me, teaching should be free, especially animation things cause it's hard in general and truelly expensive. this is how I think, it means a lot that you can give a little help for me to always share more)

You can give more than 1$ if you want, it will means even more and the money will allow me to buy more things to make even better streams and process for you and with you!

I though about more rewards but it's hard when you don't use Photoshop and that you mainly animate on programs few people use

So I let this 1$ reward :)



About Kéké


Bonjour tout le monde ! Je m'appelle Kévin Gemin et voici mon compte Patreon !
Ici vous pouvez me soutenir financièrement, il suffit d'avoir un compte et de pouvoir supporter un artiste que vous aimez en donnant une somme par mois.


Hello everyone ! I'm Kévin Gemin ! You may know me for the bouncing pigeons and foxes I often post on Tumblr, animating is something that I love the most doing in my life, giving life to things I have in my head is the most magical things I could see in my life ! I loved animations since a child and always wondered if I could try one day, discovering a little program on my Nintendo DSi allowed me to finally enter this amazing world. Since September, the 4th, 2009 I try to animate and learned with it, now I still use my DSi to animate because it was my first program and I will not leave it any time soon !


I'm really happy to be able to share my passion, even if it's not with the "best" animation program, many people saw the potential and this is, for me, the most important ! Believe in you and your skills ! This is the message I want to share through my animations !


So, why I made a Patreon account ? Patreon can helps artists to get some money from their art by the support of their fans, many people back in 2014 told me to make one .... but my english skills were not that good ^^' .... and I wasn't ready ... mostly because I just animate for the fun and sharing love and happiness first. Now I finally created one, not for money only, just to be able to share more of my process and being able to be supported by you, it would means a lot !
Even if you can't, the love and awesome support you gave me since the beginning of my Tumblr is clearly enough for me and I thank you for this !!

I can't wait to make streamings, animating with you all and being able to reply to your questions and even being able to learn you french !!

Thank you for reading and I hope we will have fun together ! I can't wait to learn many things !

100% complete

I will be able to live a good part from the animations I post online for you plus giving many tutorials ! (more too!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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