Our Magic (and the world of Kabalor)

Our Magic (and the world of Kabalor)

an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg and GM tips!

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About Our Magic (and the world of Kabalor)

Our Magic

Our Magic is a collaborative storytelling game of spellcasting and improvisation set in a low-technology fantasy world influenced by the elements and the occasional interventions of distant powerful beings.

Kabalor (Ka'bal'or) is the name of the world in which the game takes place. Magic is common in Kabalor. Wild things happen and you’ll become a clever, creative changer of reality to make it all better.

People and places both start with the elements and magic impacting their story. As the game progresses, your character gets better at their unique talents—Skills and spellcasting Knacks—and thus more able to create the outcomes you want to see in the world. You may even reach the point of interacting directly with those powerful distant beings, the Eminences.

This is the world in which you live, influenced (and sometimes imperiled) by the effects of the elements, touched by the actions of the Eminences, and shaped by the Fundamentals: Chaos, Balance, and Order.

Game Mediators (GMs) handle many of the predictable and unpredictable angles of the world around the characters. They play all non-player characters and manage things like weather, animals, Elementals, and, of course, wild magic.

The GM and the players together create the details of the people, places, and happenings in the world, past and present.

The background and personality you create in the game will help you decide how your character reacts, and through these choices and the unpredictable—represented by rolls of the dice—your story will unfold.

You’ll face exciting challenges and risk what you hold dear, but your story is more likely to involve magical mayhem than malicious murder. Expect collaboration and confounding complications, without the bad aftertaste of conquest and colonialism found in some other games. Kabalor is a world born of creativity, not conflict. Come play!


   Rather than lock myself away to write the game rules alone, I've created this community where I can share the growing body of work as it is ready, hear feedback and ideas, and make a better game for us all. The more GMs and players of Our magic, the more it will be the open, inclusive, diverse, fantastic universe we need. Detailed game-related content will be available for free on OurMagic.info when the public playtest opens and minimally-priced rulebooks will be available for players and GMs subsequently.
  I'm also going to share on Kabalor.com my tips for using minis, table art (a.k.a. "flipmats"), and miniature 3D terrain in your GMing and this Patreon will help support that work.

Your monthly $1 support allows you to see my posts here in Patreon which may include exclusive or early versions of materials. Also you'll get access to detailed discussions and polls about the content and what comes next.

Even if it's not a good fit for you to support with money, I appreciate you taking the time to read what I offer for free here and to share your experience in the comments. Click that 'Follow' button and you'll get alerted whenever a new free post goes up. :)

As I share this, because I grew up within and continue to enjoy a lot of privilege (white, cis, middle class, educated), I need to do the work of listening to under-represented voices. Finding the flaws and dismantling them will take a community. By supporting this patreon you support that work. I look forward to learning from and amplifying those voices.

Who am I? I'm Dinah Sanders and I've been a GM since my teens in the late 1970s. I'm also an author and publisher with two non-fiction books under my belt. I created Kabalor for my gaming group when I found that despite my love of the rules to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, I wasn't getting to spend time in the fantasy world of my dreams. A new setting wasn't going to do it; this required a bold leap into a new universe, leaving all those devils and angels, orcs and elves behind.

Thank you for exploring the worlds of Kabalor with me!

— Dinah

(The fabulous Our Magic profile photo is Inso Fematumo, a Bakan with a rough past who has begun to find a more peaceful path, as drawn by Li Didkovsky, who also drew the banner image of the nine peoples.)
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$50 per month will allow me to purchase a new Hero Forge mini each month, which I'll share pictures of here so we can see how the different peoples of Kabalor look in 3D. It will also allow me to continue supporting illustrators like Li Didkovsky and keep exploring Kabalor character drawings together as I expand the world's non-player characters.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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