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About Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy

Since its first issue in January of 1996, the mission of Kairos has been to publish scholarship that examines digital and multimodal composing practices, promoting work that enacts its scholarly argument through rhetorical and innovative uses of new media. As the longest continuously-publishing online peer-reviewed journals in the field, Kairos is one of the premiere journals in English Studies, made so by its dedication to academic quality through the journal’s extensive peer-review and editorial production processes.

As an rare entity—an independent, diamond open-access journal—Kairos has survived since its inception on the kindness of scholar–volunteers—people in the academic digital writing studies community who have wanted to serve this journal by providing their intellectual/editorial efforts in exchange for free drinks and karaoke at the annual conference. Since 2012, when our access to in-kind server space ended, the senior editorial team has been paying to keep the journal running through the annual (and ever-increasing) expenses of domain renewals and server hosting and storage costs. These fees have surmounted $1,200 in recent years, which includes registering multiple domain names and purchasing hosting space for three servers (production, editorial, and our wiki training space). Our server costs have increased specifically in terms of space, as video and audio has become WAY more prominent in recent years, and in order to maintain your scholarly record, we keep copies of all your hard work on our servers, as back-up (in case our third-party hosts shut down unexpectedly). These rising costs have cut into our conference beer money at the annual bowling night. :D Serving the community through fun events as well as through top-notch research is key to Kairos's mission, and so we are asking for support from this community to help us cover our server costs going forward.

We believe that the folks who have been able to read Kairos for free, and from all over the world, will help us keep the journal sustainable. We have purposefully never sold the journal (tho we've been asked many times if we would) nor have we ever run advertising so as not to sully your reading experience. We are hoping to raise enough money on an annual basis to cover our server expenses and IF we end up with more than that, we have prioritized covering additional expenses including promotional materials. If things really take off, our dream is to offer versions of KairoCamp (an intensive digital humanities project/webtext-building workshop) for free to underrepresented scholars while paying them for their time to attend. Help us make all of these goals a reality by supporting Kairos, the coolest journal you know. We are proud to be free and open-access to the world, and we hope you can help us keep it that way forever!

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