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  • my eternal gratitude
  • occasional low-res sketches and WIPs
  • occasional blog-entries about my artist life
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  • early MUTED updates
  • sketch collection (PDF), whenever I have enough new sketches to show
  • I will sometimes take requests from every gemlin in this tier , and choose one of them to draw during livestreams!
  • WIPs and sketches
  • couple sketches &art (occasionally slightly NSFW)

  • & all previous rewards
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  • PDF download of full #MUTED chapters
  • PDF downloads of my old fanbooks (2x reigisa, 1x kurotsuki & 1x juminzen, 1x ignoct)
  • access here:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/28218188 
  • occasional PSD/CSP downloads of selected artwork/comic pages 
  • all previous rewards
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About kandismon

Hello, I'm kan!
 Welcome and thank you for taking a look at my Patreon page!

I'm a freelance artist and webcomic creator, my main project right now is MUTED, a slice of life Boy's Love comic, which I have been working on for over a year now!
You can read it on both tapas and webtoons for free.

$5 patrons can read the newest pages ✨ HERE ✨! 💕

Your support allows me to keep working on my art and comics at a healthy pace, so that I will still be able to create more content many years down the road.

I have many more ideas for stories I would like to draw in the future, two in particular, which are very dear to my heart.
► SHALLOW SLEEP: A fantasy/drama love story about Charon, Death God in training, who falls in love with a human boy who has a mysterious connection to death.
TWO MORE MINUTES: (working title) A Steampunk inspired drama and love story about a young noble named Misha and a soft sky pirate called Ayden, who first meet as children and discover that, despite their lives being complete opposites of each other, they have one thing in common: A desire to be free and escape the rules society has put on them.

When I'm not working on comics, then I'm most likely working on some illustrations! While telling stories in panels and chapters is great, I also like to capture my characters in a single moment, it allows me to work more detailed and render drawings more carefully.

I love drawing my own characters as well as fanart for shows, games etc I like! I will sometimes draw requests for Patrons during livestreams, too.

I try to sketch a lot, too, do studies, practise things, experiment, etc. I'm posting doodles and WIPs all throughout the month and I compile a collective sketch PDF once every few month for you to download and look at my sketches all in one place!

Lastly, sometimes I'll use this website to blog about some parts of my daily life, to give you a behind the scenes look at what my days look like, how I approach my art and keep myself motivated and what I use and do to improve my craft.

If there are any rewards you'd like to see or if you have any questions, please send me a direct message here or an e-mail to kan [at] kandismon [dot] com; I'm open for any and all criticism and feedback you might have!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this!! If you decide to pledge you'll have my eternal love and gratitude, but even if you can't or don't want to do that, please know that I appreciate every bit of support you give me, be it via likes/reblogs/retweet or sharing my posts etc !!
Have a great day!! ♥♥♥

100% complete
i can pay my rent....! thank you so much! with this goal reached, i can guarantee regular comic updates from now on...!!
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