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About kandlin

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Hey, It's Kandlin!  (And Galadreal, but she is not the reason you are here, she just manages the arts, so...without further ado...)

(better introduction coming soon ~G)


Thanks for stopping by and checking things out.  I'm glad you're here.  Come on in, take a load off, and sit awhile.  There is lots to see, and we have time to chat for awhile, so Lets get started, shall we:

Where can you see my current art (most of which is NSFW, follow these links at your own risk)?

It has been hard to find a place to post everything.  Much of it can be found on Tumblr, Sofurry, Twitter, and FurryNetwork

But due to various site rules and discrepancies, Patreon is the only place to find all of my current work.
  And, to keep up to date on Streams.  Which we are currently doing 4 times a week, hopefully with more to come.

The only place to find all my stuff is here.  you can download everything I have done that I could find via Dropbox.  Original Link was a long time ago, new link coming soon.

Why should you pledge to me?

1-With the recent loss of my job, Patreon is our main source of income.  Between real life, commissions, etc, I barely have time to put out anything new of my own, or any of the myriad of comic ideas that are percolating around my brain.   Thus, I bring this patreon, thinking and maybe, if enough people want to chip in, I can work up some of my ideas to share. So that everyone can have more kandlin art from my not being as bogged down with "Pay the bills" projects.

2-First shot at commissions.  I will announce my open commission times here before anywhere else.

3-While you can find most of my older art online, this will have it all in one place...or at least, everything I could scrounge up from old files, new files, internet sites.  Basically I compiled it all so you don't have to.  If there is anything your are missing, or you need a complete file of all my stuff, just drop me a line, I have a lot of files here.

4-While this will not become my only location for posting anything, I will post here first.  So if you chip in even $2 a month, you get to see my stuff before it is available anywhere else.  Also, HD versions are available here only, so for higher pledge levels you can see everything in HD, and even get PSD files of everything released during the month.

5-Hopefully, more streaming.  With a little extra income, I can hopefully have more time to actually interact with people, take stream commissions, or just generally be around more. 

6-Motivation to do art!  you may not understand this one, but everyone wants to feel wanted, so, if I feel like someone actually wants to see my sketches, finished art, or comics, I will feel more motivated to actually get things finished.

7-The more that is contributed, the more I can expand the tiers to include better rewards, things like polls for art ideas, more scheduled streams, art tutorials, and possibly other things that people want to suggest.

8. - Patreon Discord server.  I know lots of people are doing this, but it can be a nice place to chat, offer up suggestions, or just hang out and watch the latex dry.  We upload most of our art here, and it is where we can be found at any given time.  Visit the Lounge for random chatting, the Theater to upload any interesting video's you want to share, or the Gallery to post pictures you just found laying around that you want to share for their coolness.

$600.04 of $750 per month
More Wheel Decide!
Now we're making enough to start to cover some monthly expenses. We will add in one more wheel decide spin every month for free art.
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