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“The Tagline”

Hey! I'm a trans girl trying to build cool websites and write sweet stories and pay her student loans and do some cool stuff besides; support this Patreon if that's the sorta thing you like seeing happen 😉.

“The Pitch”

Hi, I'm a cute enby trans girl named Gô SHOEMAKE, who writes code under the alias kibigo! and romance stories under the nom de plume ALLIE ❤ HART. My website is here. I spend pretty much every available ounce of my energy dedicating my time to the things and people and communities I care about (see “The Projects”, below), but since those things tend to be “bringing light to the world” and “giving people tools to build deeper relationships with those around them,” and those people and communities don't always have a whole lot of loose pocket-change lying around, let's just say it's not the most profitable of business strategies, by which I mean I'm unemployed.
(Ahem. Self-employed. This is a Patreon, after all.)
Since I have student loans to pay off and also need to survive, not having a source of income is kinda a problem, and if you're thinking to yourself, “Gosh Gô, it's kinda silly that someone could be working for hours every day and expending all their energies towards the people and things they care about, and still not be able to make ends meet or pay their student loans!”, well, I think so too! That's why I made this Patreon, so that we can collectively combat that silliness (me by continuing to do cool things, you by helping me make ends meet while I do so).

If you're thinking to yourself, “Ugh, dreams are for losers and cowards, get a real job sicko,” that's okay, there are still some cool goodies for you in the gift shop below (see “The Rewards”).

“The Projects”

TL:DR; I'm working pretty much full-time these days on Mastodon stuff; either with the GlitchSoc fork, or on my own Mastodon frontend titled Mastodon GO!


For those of you who have heard of the fediverse, and Mastodon, and the GlitchSoc fork of Mastodon, I'm one of the developers working on it! I created collapsible toots, and the profile bio fields, and the app settings modal, and put images behind CWs, and completely revamped the themeïng code, and probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting to mention. I also help out with merges and bugfixes and keeping everything up-to-date besides.

Mastodon GO!

Mastodon GO! is an experimental frontend for Mastodon which tries to imagine what social media might look like if it hadn't been dominated by corporate interests for like, the past decade. The default Mastodon theme falls neatly in line with user expectations at the cost of replicating some of the same design decisions as TweetDeck or Twitter which I maybe don't agree with. So I want to try things a little differently and see how that works out.

You can try out a (still very much in-development) test build of Mastodon GO! if you're on a GlitchSoc instance which has it installed, but beware that there are still a lot of bugs atm.


I'm not sure if good free romance fiction doesn't exist or just is hard to find, but either way I think we all could use a little warmth and love in these hard times. Vague is a semi-experimental serialized romance novel about college students struggling to find themselves and understand each other. It's the sort of story that you think surely has been written a thousand times—but then you browse the bookshelves and all the stories you see there are about “escaping from past trauma,” or “paranormal arts,” or “political entanglements with the rich and powerful” and you realize that actually despite it's purported simplicity, a back-to-basics run-of-the-mill quality romance story between everyday characters is actually kind of rare. Well I'm writing one, regardless.

Because I'm working basically full-time on Mastodon stuff, progress writing Vague has been slow :P. But I am still working on it! And will hopefully have another issue out somewhat soonish.


I'm a writer, and sometimes as a writer you need to set things in places that are Not Earth, and sometimes the people in those places that are Not Earth need to speak languages which are Not Earth Languages. The LANGDEV Project is a project dedicated to making fictional languages for use in fiction when situations like this occur. It's all very technical and complicated (more complicated than you might think), mostly because I am a perfectionist about it. But it's also very cool. Ask me about it sometime.

“The Rewards”

Seeing as I'm an open-source software dev and I post all of my writings for free online, there's… not a whole lot extra I have to offer folks as a reward lol. (Aside from my love of course… no wait, that's free too 💖) But! Here are some things you'll have access to if you support me on Patreon:

  • $1 : Updates! If you pay a dollar, you'll get updates on the stuff I'm doing and maybe a few extra goodies thrown your way.
  • $3 : PDFs! For only $3, you get access to downloadable PDF versions of all of the chapters of Vague, to keep and cherish on your hard drive forever.
  • $5 : Additional formats! If PDFs aren't your speed, for $5 you can gain access to additional formats of Vague, including HTML and Plain Text.
  • $7 : Secret content! Hmmm who knows what might end up here! Maybe old stories! Maybe behind-the-scenes things! Maybe late-night rambles!! IDK!!

“The Thanks”

Being able to follow in my dreams, and give back to the people and communities that have done so much for me, I think is really important. And I want to create a world where that is possible. If you decide to support me in this project, that means you think so too! Thank you! And let's work together to make the world a little more romantic <3.
$150.08 of $250 per month
Student loans covered! That's pretty awesome! At this goal I can at least keep the debt-collectors away.
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