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About Kindreds

Who are we, and what is Kindreds?

Hey y’all, we're Ashley Peterson and Katey Zeh -- Southern soul sisters and creators of the Kindreds Podcast. In each episode we dive into conversations about all things faith, feminism, and friendship.

We ask questions like:
What do we really mean when we call girls “bossy”?
Is it really true that women can’t get along with each other?
How do we unpack the complicated messages we got about gender at church?
Why is emotional labor so hard to talk about?
What makes “health and wellness” so unhealthy?

We love making this show! And even more, we love how many of our listeners tell us our podcast is like having us at their kitchen table.

You can find our episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or at, where we also have show notes for every episode packed with links, articles, reading and podcast recommendations, and more. 

Why is Kindreds on Patreon?

We started Kindreds out of a desire to talk about some of the complicated thoughts and feelings we have around faith, our religious institutions, and what it means to be women who challenge the power structures we encounter in our lives and work. From talking to other women in our lives, we knew that we aren’t alone in these thoughts, so we wanted to let others in on our conversations. Also, we like to try new things! So why not a podcast?

Our agreement was that we’ll do this as long as it’s fun. And lucky for us, we love it! But the reality is that each episode takes somewhere between 4 and 6 hours to create -- from planning the content and developing an outline to recording, editing, and uploading to our website. We’ve been pushing ourselves pretty hard to release two episodes a month, and up until now that’s been pretty doable! But as our listeners know, we each have a full-time job, and now both of us are parents! 

We’ve heard from our listeners that you’d love to be part of a Kindreds community on Facebook, and we want to be able to make that happen! But that means we’d need to hire some help for things like posting content, moderating comments, and keeping the page running smoothly. And podcasting itself isn’t free- there are monthly fees for hosting our audio files as well as annual fees for our website.

That brings us to Patreon. Instead of pursuing advertising (which would mean amassing a larger audience, seeking out sponsors, and creating commercials), we decided to take a more grassroots approach by asking those of you who love our show to help us grow it. We have big dreams for Kindreds -- dreams like interviewing guests, reaching new listeners, and hosting meet-ups for our Kindreds family in person! But we need your help to get us there.

You can help by becoming a Patron at any level! And if that isn’t in the cards for you right now, you can also support Kindreds by sharing, rating and reviewing our podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

We can’t wait to be co-creators with you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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