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is creating Disinformation Hunting & Hackin' & Lulz & Fascist Slaying

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he he he its the number lol u guise
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About Ⓐubrey Cottle 🖥🏴‍☠️

Hello! This is Kirtaner speaking.

My focus these days has been centred around uncovering far-right extremist information ops a'la Security Research & OSINT. Your patronage assists me with ensuring my life stays on track so all of my time and energy can be put towards piercing the veil on these threats to modern society.

I also created 420chan in 2005. Sorry. I somehow managed to keep it running for 15 years relatively unscathed, in the face of impossible odds, countless unbelievable and bizarre situations, legal hurdles and constant loss of web hosting, angering the FBI, being unduly harassed by Perverted Justice, a certain New Jersey neo-nazi radio show host, attempted government conscription, a jilted dog and curtain owner, Fox News coverage (Hackers on Steroids), the Church of Scientology, Thursday morning SWAT team wake-up calls, many assorted acts of god, foreign propaganda bots, white nationalists, the alt-right, QAnon, and everything in-between.

Most people would have walked away after having to deal with even a fraction of these things. I am clearly insane. My anguish is everyone else's benefit! Yay!

And that little hacker thing people call Anonymous was borne of that insanity.

And that's kinda cool.

Please spay and neuter your pets, and HACK THE PLANET.
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I'd be tickled pink if I hit this, fully offsetting rent and bills.
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