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Join starting Oct 1 2021 and get: Virgo!

Zodiac Series Schedule:

1. You sign up this month and are changed for this month. 
You will receive the pin for this month! Also, you immediately get access to the exclusive online content, polls, etc.
2. On the 1st of each following month that you stay joined, you are charged your club membership fee (Patreon gives a 5-day window to actually charge cards) -- after successful payment, your club packet for that month will ship within a few weeks! The club packet includes all of the rewards in the tier you join on.

Example: If you sign up on Nov 10th 2020, you will be charged upon joining for NOVEMBER and therefore receive the NOVEMBER pin ( in this example case, the Libra girl pin).  Following that, you will be charged monthly on the 1st of the month and receive those pins/benefits for those months (e.g. the next charge would be on Dec 1, 2020, and therefore you would receive the DECEMBER pin (Scorpio).

❤ Past Pins
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Available now on the secret shop (for members only)

❤  FAQ: Will the pins ever be available to non-members outside of the club?
A: The Pin Club pins WILL NOT be available to non-members online at (except for ONE annual vault sale lasting only a few days).
The pin club pins will be available to the following in this order:
1) Currently subscribed pin club members (they get the highest grade of pins)
2) New members who join later will get access to the secret shop (this is where leftovers and seconds are sold)
3) To the general public at conventions in person AFTER pin club members get a chance to purchase them from the secret shop.  (warning: at this point, designs are often sold out).
4) To the general public during the annual club vault sale (usually, black Friday).

As of October 2020, the theme is Zodiac Magical Girls!
They will be original designs by the designer (no fanart). 

Hard enamel or soft enamel depending on the particulars of the design.  Some might have glitter, cutout areas, danglers, be a collar pin (2 pins joined by a chain), or have other neat features.

Pins will range between 1.5 - 2" -- bigger than the average pin, but not ridiculous.

Each pin will have: rubber clutches, the official Kittynaut logo on the back, and a club-only backing card!

Check out our previous pin designs:


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When we get to this goal, veteran patrons (in the club 6 mos+) will receive a free extra pin!  One pin per veteran.  :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 170 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 170 exclusive posts

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