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About Chris Köbke

I'm Chris, a film composer based in Berlin currently creating a digital audio workstation for film composers called Klang Studio.

Klang heavily prioritizes workflow, performance and robustness and aims at solving common composer time sinks by employing automation and AI.

It was born out of the frustrations of waiting for Cubase to load cues, dealing with conforms, tempo maps and MIDI clean-up as well as the general amount of manual work we as composers have to deal with on a daily basis.

What is it trying to solve?
Klang aims for a frictionless and joyful way of composing music, maximizing creative flexibility while reducing manual labor as much as possible. Over the last decade traditional DAW makers have mostly been focused on content-creation and bundling up their DAW with new and exciting plugins, while leaving the core workflow untouched. Klang is headed the exact opposite direction.

What will *not* be solved?
Providing you with yet another built-in EQ, compressor or any other type of plugin that would normally come with a traditional DAW. Klang is meant to be the outer shell of music creation that solely cares about workflow and ignores the rest. Content will be handled by third party companies entirely, as there is tens of thousands of brilliant libraries, sounds and plugins out there already.

What does all of that mean in a technical sense?
If you (like me) are annoyed at manually quantizing MIDI, mapping tracks from multi-timbral Kontakt instances to DAW tracks, naming channels after their VEPro counterparts, recreating your whole VEPro template inside the DAW again, using TeamViewer for viewing remote instances, cleaning up MIDI for notation export, exporting and syncing up cues in Davinci to show the director what you worked on, waiting minutes for project files to load, dealing with annoyingly overlapping MIDI regions, being limited by the grid ... there hopefully is a solution to all of these things soon.

What is the roadmap for the first alpha?
Before venturing out into unexplored territory and working on new and exciting features, it's important to get the foundation right. This is the roadmap for the first public alpha release of Klang which will cover the absolute basics:

  • Audio Engine
  • VST2 Plugin Support
  • Time Signature & Tempo
  • Multithreaded Processing
  • Movie Playback
  • MIDI Editor
  • Full Networking Capabilities
  • WAV Export

When will the first alpha be launched?
The first alpha is currently scheduled to be launched around March 2022.

If you have questions regarding the app, feel free to email me under [email protected]

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