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Your generosity and kindness shines through!

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  -- Monthly Info Updates about future ideas, the current happenings, and more!

-  Gain entrance into 'Koorivlf's Pure Place' Discord Chat. 

Includes Discord benefits

Pure Fur

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This pureness inside you is overwhelming 

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  -- The previous reward
  -- Finished High-Res Artwork 2 weeks before anywhere else!

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About Koorivlf

Welcome Everyone!

I am an artist who primarily creates mature themed anthropomorphic (furry) digital artwork!

Why am I using Patreon?

With Patreon, I can focus my time on creating content you enjoy such as my personal pieces, comics, short series, and more without worrying about where my next donut will come from!


What can you expect?

  • Please be aware that the content produced for this feed will be for ADULTS ONLY!
  •  This is NOT a paywall for finished works!
    • I will still be releasing lower res artwork on other sites like I have been.
    • There will be some new high res exclusive content that I wouldn't normally have posted in the past such as future studies, text-less versions of finished artwork, unfinished sketches, and work in progress drawings.
  • I will post a majority of my artwork here 2 weeks before anywhere else!
    • Exceptions to this would be holidays, time specific commissions, or silly doodles I do on places such as twitter.
  • There may be possible surprises!
    • I will sometimes do private streams, talk about my art thoughts, discuss ideas for future projects, and more!  
  • You will be charged up front.
    • All past and future content made for the tier you wish to support at will be accessible while you're supporting me. Certain rewards, such as the polls, will happen earlier in the month. Please take that into account if you are making your first pledge towards the end of the month!


Where will your level of pure support

take you per month?

Each tier of purity per month gives you:

  • $1 - PURE TIP
■ Access to monthly updates about current projects, future ideas, and other informational posts.
~ I will make a monthly written post about how everything is going and where things are headed!
■ Gain entrance into 'Koorivlf's Pure Place' Discord Chat.
~ A semi-public Discord Chat that houses many channels for different discussions, quick updates, easy viewing of certain posts like finished artwork, and more!
If you become impure again, you can ask for a Pure Pass to have continued access to the Magic Jewelry Box section of the Discord!

  • $3 - PURE FUR
■  Access to the previous reward.
■  Access to finished high resolution artwork 2 weeks before anywhere else!
~ My normal short series and standalone artwork will be here in a High-Res PNG file

■  Access to all of the previous rewards.
■  Access to high resolution finished comic pages 2 weeks before anywhere else!
~ Any Comics I make will be here first in a High-Res PNG file.
■  Access to WIP, studies, scraps, and doodles! Some of these will be exclusive to Patreon!
~ Most of these will be exclusive to Patreon as I do not normally post these elsewhere. Work In Progress artwork of any comic and and short series will have their current backstory, dialogue, or general ideas for those who would like spoilers or to see the progress of these being formed.

■  Access to all of the previous rewards.
■  Access to text-less high resolution finished artwork!
~ Any normal finished short series, comic pages, and standalone artwork that has text will be text-less here!
■  Access to polls to help decide what some of my drawings' themes or ideas will be!
~  You can help direct what my artwork will be! The voting method used will usually be Approval Voting . At least one of these polls will happen around the start of each month. There may be other polls to help vote on as well depending on how the month is going.
■  Access to a suggestion post where you can suggest themes or ideas that I should put on the polls in the future.
~ There will be a monthly suggestion post. Any theme or idea that I am able to draw that is put down on those posts will go onto a list which then I will pick out a mixture of those themes and ideas to go onto future polls. The way I'll pick them out is by personal choice, heavily requested ones, runner ups from previous polls, and taking sections from the list. I will try to make sure the same theme or idea does not win constantly because variety is good!
■  Access to a 5% or 10% discount on commissions!
~ While you're Almost As Pure As Koor, you can apply a 5% discount to any commission you order! If you're Almost As Pure As Koor for 3 consecutive months, the discount will be 10% instead! This does not apply to certain commissions such as auctions, certain YCH, or $1 commissions. If a joint commission is ordered with those who are also Almost As Pure As Koor the discounts will be stacked. The stacking limit is 25%. Please do not abuse the discount by being the "discount friend" that happens to "gift" a lot of commissions. Gifts are great but if it's clear the discount is being abused, it will be limited for you.
■  Receive a personalized thank you the first time you're Almost As Pure As Koor (No Longer Available)
~ [Old Description* Will be deleted when all Thank You Notes are completed] When you become Almost As Pure As Koor for the first time, I will sketch the head of your character or of an animal of your choosing and will write a personalized thank you note below it! I will need your preferred name and a reference of your character or an animal you wish for me to draw! Please only submit a character that is an adult, non-offensive, and one that you own. The time it takes to finish each ty note depends on how many new pure furs there are and when I get the info needed for your ty note. As long as I get the info, you'll get a ty note! 


Thank you so much for all of your thoughts 

and support for my work!

If you have any questions, please contact me on my twitter, here, or at Contact[at]Koorivlf.com
$1,373.80 of $1,444 per month
This is a personal goal for me!

This amount of your collective support would help cover a majority of my living costs. Such stability would take off a lot of stress, thus making it easier to focus and produce my professional and personal works!
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