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About Kris Black

Hi, my name is Kris Black.
I write & draw stories for comics and children's books.

I'm actively working on getting published as an author and illustrator of children's books.

Read on to find out how your support can make this happen!

My First Children's Book, DONUTS!

The first book I'm working on has the working title, DONUTS! I've written the story, edited the story, and had several professionals in the children's literature industry edit the story. I'm currently in the middle of illustrating the art.

The story is about a little girl whose invention causes a disastrous but yummy mess. She'll be in big trouble if the mess isn't cleaned up before her parents get home.

The manuscript is ready for submission, but before I send it off I need to create a picture book dummy to send to agents.

Other Stories I'm Working On

I like to balance my time between 2-3 stories. This allows me take a break from a story when I feel stuck.

My second story I'm writing and illustrating, Paper, is targeted at younger readers and explores creative ways kids can have fun with sheets of paper.

A third book is only in the idea phase, but I have fun sketches and illustrations exploring ideas about a boy with really, really long legs.

How Your Support Will Help

As a patron, you will directly support me creating and publishing comics and children's books for all ages. Your patronage will allow me to devote more time and creative effort to my projects.

I hope you consider becoming a patron and supporting my children's books.


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