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I spent $1 on my first comic book – X-Men #3 in December 1991! You have my heartfelt thanks for chipping in that much to keep Crushing Krisis/Comics running.


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About Peter AKA Krisis

The most-detailed comic reading and collecting guides on the internet are 100% supported by Patrons! When you add your support, you gain exclusive early access to content.

Do you regularly read Crushing Krisis (CK) or watch Crushing Comics on YouTube?

Have you had excellent adventures in comic reading thanks to more than 100 guides on Crushing Comics to X-Men, Avengers, DC Rebirth, Batman, and more?

If you've answered yes, first let me say: you are awesome. Entertaining you and answering your questions is the whole reason I started covering comics online back in 2010.

By joining this campaign, you become a part of paying for the costs of managing CK's two decades of content. That includes hosting costs and the multi-media tools it takes to create blog posts, comic guides, and videos.

Without the support of people like you, CK would have disappeared from the web in 2017 when my family dropped everything to move our lives from Philadelphia to New Zealand. Instead, it flourished! Patreon helps CK to grow not only by covering maintenance costs, but by freeing me up to focus on creating content whenever I can.

In the past three years I've more than doubled CK's comic guide content. It's grown to cover every major Marvel character! Plus, I've expanded my coverage to DC, licensed characters, and indie comic. I also launched a YouTube channel with a 80+ episode series in 2017-18, with a new season underway in 2020.

(And, behind the scenes, I transitioned CK to a more sustainable design framework with better mobile browsing and SEO support.)

None of that existed before Patreon.

Now, with the support of Patrons, I have a plan to continue to roll out guides and videos for years to come. As support for this campaign grows, I'm able to use new tools that expand the possibilities of what I can create.

Pledging support is mostly about keeping my blog and YouTube channel up and running, but as a thank you Patrons get early access to new guide content.

You can pledge as little or as much support as you want, but when it comes to rewards the tiers for this campaign are super simple:

  • $1 gets you access to new X-Men pages, Patrons' Choice polling, and any pages I create as a result of polls. I make sure a minimum of 12 exclusive pages.
  • $1.99 gets you access to all new pages and polling, with a minimum of 24 exclusive pages.
That's it. The goal of this campaign isn't fancy rewards, it's keeping CK growing. If even 5% of my regular readers pledged $1.99 a month, the possibilities would be endless!

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Trials & Errors

One thing that sets apart many blogs and video channels is their commissioning of original artwork. When we hit this goal, I'll begin to commission original art from some of my favorite artists around the world to use here on Patreon, on, and in YouTube video production.

That also means I'll be able to offer Crushing Krisis and Crushing Comics MERCH for the first time since 2001!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 99 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 99 exclusive posts

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