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Creating The Music of Nature Soundscape Celebration Project

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Please help by pledging at least five dollars of monthly support (if you prefer to make a one-time donation, you can do that at This is not really a reward tier ... I have decided not to offer specific rewards so that I can devote my full attention to collecting and sharing the music.

Whatever you choose to give, your contribution will help propel me into the great outdoors, where I am sure to find wonderful natural soundscapes quite worth sharing with you and other listeners around the world.

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About Lang Elliott

Ultimately, it's all about SHARING!

Hi Friends! My name is Lang Elliott, and I am professional nature recordist, photographer and cinematographer. To learn more about my work, please check out my Music of Nature website and Blog, and also my SoundCloud and Vimeo channels. I have been celebrating the sounds of nature for thirty years and I am quite well-known in my field (Meet Lang).

I will soon embark on an exciting new project that will help bring the pristine voices of nature into your life and the lives of others, and I am now asking for your help in funding my effort: 


Official Launch Date: Early March of 2017 — the beginning of my 6-month recording expedition.

Goal in a Nutshell: To Explore, Collect and Share a steady stream of Immersive Nature Soundscape Recordings (along with supportive photos and videos) that will transport listeners into wild areas across North America, offering a welcome respite from the everyday stresses of our noisy, fast-paced world.

• Explore wild places across North America ... including all major bioregions and their habitats (deserts, mountains, prairies, swamps, seashores, islands, lakes, marshes, and more).

Collect spacious and immersive pure-nature "binaural" soundscape recordings, with emphasis on the voices of our native birds, frogs, insects and mammals ... along with earth sounds such as thunder and rain, wind and waves. To expand story-telling possibilities, I will also collect closeup recordings of various species along with supportive photographs and videos.

Share my recordings through my Podcast Series and Blog, an online Nature Sound Map that tracks my journey, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), SoundCloud, and also here on my Patreon feed ... thus allowing followers to experience the nurturing quality of nature's voices and learn the story behind the recordings.

Project Phases:

Phase 1: In early March of 2017, I will embark on a 6-month recording expedition to western destinations. Fans will be able to track my journey via my online Nature Sound Map, which will feature recordings accessible via markers on the map. I will also produce podcasts and blog posts, and regularly publish to Facebook and SoundCloud, thus allowing for multiple ways to access my recordings and supportive materials. The trip will take me to the Southwest, the Great Basin, the Rocky Mountains, the Sierras, coastal California and Oregon, and the Northwest, with multiple loops and side excursions, perhaps even to the Dakotas and nearby Canadian locations.

Phase 2: During the autumn and winter of 2017-2018, I will busy myself expanding my Sound Map by integrating binaural recordings I've gathered over the last 25 years. By the end of the winter, the map will be populated by several hundred (or more) soundscapes from locations throughout North America.

Phase 3 and Beyond:  The third phase is contingent upon success of the first two phases. It will involve an additional expedition during the spring and summer of 2018, most likely focusing on a variety of eastern destinations, with the goal of gathering new soundscapes along with supportive photos and videos. At the end of 2019, the entire project will be appraised and new directions determined, with the ultimate goal of sharing the music of nature as broadly as possible and cultivating an appreciative audience that spans the globe. 

More Information:

The Nature Sound Map: A key part of the project is to share recordings via an online Sound Map that allows people to access nature recordings by location by clicking on pins on a map. I have already developed a working prototype and will launch the map when I embark on my 2017 expedition.

The Music of Nature Podcast Series: My podcast (which will be available via iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and other podcast distribution channels) will be central to my sharing effort. I will officially launch it in mid-March of 2017 as I embark on my expedition. In essence, it will be a series of "audio postcards" that document the progress of my expedition, allowing listeners to join in the excitement as I explore America's wild places in search of pristine recording locations. I will podcast at least once a week during my expedition and also during the winter off-season, as I unfold Phase 2 of my project.

My Blog: I already have an active blog where I've been sharing soundscape recordings and promoting discussion. As the soundscape project unfolds, my blog posts will provide backup information for each podcast (photos, range maps, text, etc.), and will also feature the best pure-nature soundscapes (without narration) that I collect along the way (note that these same recordings will be mirrored on Soundcloud, allowing for easy access via their popular platform).

Philosophy and Approach: While I am an experienced naturalist, this project is rooted more in the arts than in the sciences. My goal is to capture North America's diverse natural soundscapes as a photographer might capture landscapes, and then share my recordings in the spirit of celebration and communion, thus encouraging a deep and profound listening experience. In addition, habitat photographs will be posted on my blog, providing useful visual impressions of the wild places I visit.

What is a "Binaural Recording"? While I use a variety of microphone techniques depending on the situation, my mainstay is a special setup that simulates the human head (go here for a description). The resulting recordings have extraordinary spatial depth, especially when listened-to using earbuds or headphones. This will have a strong impact on anyone who listens using earbuds via their mobile device (smartphone or tablet) ... listeners may actually think they are on-location outdoors, fully immersed in the natural world. What could be better than that?

Thank you for helping support me as I undertake this important work!

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To gather and share as many pristine pure-nature soundscapes (along with associated videos and photos) as possible via free podcasts, blog posts, sound-maps, soundcloud, facebook, instagram, and other online publishing platforms.
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