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About Laurel K

Pimpette & Associates is a webcomic about the lives and strange shenanigans of a female pimp and her posse of male escorts. It updates once a week, and can always be read for free over on
Alternatively on ComicFury for those who like to be able to "follow" things:

NOTE TO NEW PATRONS: Patreon charges you on the first of the month, regardless of when you start. If you're signing up (aaaa thank you) and it's like the 27th.. wait a couple of days.

What You Get
The Patreon is meant to be supplemental content only - readers of the free version won't be missing any crucial plot points, just fun and sexy extras.

Tier One: Freelance Stripper
  • Read each update a week early!
  • Early previews of any special arts I am working on
Tier Two: Manho Extraordinaire
  • Everything from Tier One
  • Fun extra scribbly comics showcasing little mini-stories of miscellaneous characters. 
    • These are mostly little stories that had no real place in the main storyline, but are just little peepholes into the characters' lives. I love my characters and so I sort of do a lot of these.

My partner calls these my "Tintin Scribbles"
Tier Three: Sexy Pimpmaster
  • Everything from Tiers One and Two
  • Sexy XXXtras!
    • Let's be honest. This is a comic about people who are paid money to have sex with other people. I can't post a full, graphic, uncensored good time on my current webhost.. so Patreon it is! Come and get it!
    • Minimum two comic pages a month featuring characters getting into uncensored sexy shenanigans, and possibly some other sketches or drawings of a porny nature

Only the Pimpmasters can handle naughty bits. 

About the Author
I have been doing webcomics (on and off) since 2003. Aside from Pimpette, I've experimented with a few other projects (like Slow Burn). At conventions I am always the You As A Magical Girl booth, handing out sketches and paintings of burly men in floofy dresses, among other things. 
Patreon funds will help me with the little things like art supplies, webhost fees, and treats for my dog so that she stops STARING at me while I try to draw.

Every. Single. Day.
I do have a full-time job (gotta pay that crazy Toronto rent!), so while P&A is my current passion, I'm not able to pump out as much content as I would love to right now. Weekly comic updates and a few extras a month are about as much as I can do right now. Who knows what the future might bring?

Wait, I've Seen This Before
That's right! This is a reboot of the original Pimpette & Associates, drawn and (sporadically) updated by me, with numerous hiatuses (hiatii?), from 2003 to 2011. This first comic was written basically a page at a time, made a whole lot of no sense, had barely any plot at all.. and I had a lot of fun with it. It morphed from gag-a-day to occasional soapbox to complete nonsense to insane drama, and eventually I wrote myself into a corner, got frustrated, and just dropped the whole thing. But I never forgot about Pimpette and her boys, and I always meant to come back to her one day.

Then COVID hit and I found myself with a lot of spare time and nothing to fill it with. Thus, the reboot was finally born. The webcomic has come a loooong way from its roots, but it is now a much more complete story (with better art).
Where Can I Read The Old Comic?
You, uh...
Honestly, it was a wild and nonsensical ride from start to finish and I cringed so hard thinking of people reading it now that I pulled it off the internet and buried it deep in the depths of several subfolders on my hard drive, where no one can judge me for it anymore.

..I sometimes post random pages from the original as comparisons. As much as the first comic was trash I do still find bits of it worth giggling at.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts

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