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About leavinghomefunktion

Some of you may have met us on the road - or perhaps on the side of the road during a breakdown...(wink-wink!) It's been well over 2 years since we decided to place ourselves outside of our comfort zones. We wanted to get out there to experience the unknown firsthand rather than base our opinions on the information which is presented to us through our cultural backgrounds, education and the media. By travelling on land and with slow transitions we had the chance to cross many border areas, every time taking with us the stories that we learnt from the last region into the next. This slow method of landway travel has been an especially interesting way of introducing the neighbors to their neighbors and acting as a mediator for intercultural exchange.

Our vehicle of choice was the Ural 650 - a vehicle which is widely known through all post-soviet regions - not just for it's slowness but also for its unreliability. Through the Ural 650 and all of its breakdowns we were successful in inspiring local curiosity and in return creating a strong network of people from all walks of life. So THANK YOU to every single one of you that pushed, and pulled - and huffed and puffed with us On the Landway to New York!

The time has come to settle back into our studios and show the world why we've been collecting this information all along! Our bonnies are in containers and sailing over the ocean direction Hamburg. Meanwhile we are back in Europe and the work keeps rolling! The plan is to host some live-presentations about our project, raise some critical eye-brows and do some fundraising in order to head to the Caucasus where we will be working on our book publication with Tom Van Endert @Karren.

Through different forms of media we want to welcome you into our sidecars and weave together through a 40,000 kilometer expansion of 3 continents – float on the bizarre Kolyma stage down to the Arctic Ocean – enter an un-borderd network of whimsical anecdotes and experiences. Accompanied by the constant Kazakh wind, ominous Siberian Tiger Mosquitos and the overlapping question of “How far will we make it today?” we want to let you into the theater of the Ural and the repetitive whiplashing of the breakdown.

More info on dates and tickets can be found via www.cominghomefunktion.com

For those who just may happen to not be in the area we still want to share our stories with you! We just set up a new option which allows us to connect with our supporters round the globe: Through the FLYING SPARK PLUG reward we invite you to digitally enter our home space: take a tour of our office, cuddle up with us on our  sheepskins (yes...we're still using them...) and ask us whatever your itching about...i.e. the flying spark plug incident...

From August 2014 to September 2015 we completed a project crossing from Saxony Anhalt to Magadan Oblast. This was our trial and error period where we got to know the Ural 650's twisted humor. We collected our first experiences with remote regions, foreign cultures, extreme distances and off-road conditions. We learnt how to do business on the road, how to do tax declarations under the tarp and what it means to be in a constant state of public. We are very grateful to have had the chance to eliminate social barriers and to expand our borders by connecting with locals. And most certainly none of this would have been possible without all those GREAT backers during our 1st crowdfunding campaign in 2014 (link)

The Колымская трасса (Kolyma Road - widely known as "Old Road of Bones") was one of our most significant preparations in terms of trying to reach Bering Strait:


LEVEL 3 took us through a remote region which is barely accessible to landway vehicles. By replacing our final drives with a propeller construction we managed to cross The Kolyma River (aka Siberian Winter Road) which is frozen 250 days in a year and is mainly traversed by local trucks which can handle -50°C.But our challenges did not end at The Kolyma River. Once we finalized this 1600 km extension of tricky water we headed towards Chukotka with an objective of reaching Bering Strait.


This was the last leg of our journey: Alaska, the Yukon, BC and the US, riding all the way up to NEW YORK! We finally got to discover life on the road the good old cowboy way (with crumbs in our coffee and campfire smoke in our eyes)! 

We were delighted to be welcomed by the swarm of yellow cabs which gave us the thumbs up and welcomed us into their traffic! Thanks to Union Garage, Spiegel and Filipacchi Motorcycles we got to give over 200 New Yorkers a taste of our 2 year adventure with sidecars! It was an absolute pleasure to FINALLY to reach our goal which seemed so far away at times and to get to experience the city that never sleeps!

official homepages: www.leavinghomefunktion.com & www.cominghomefunktion.com

if you want to discuss breakdowns, chocolate or simply say "hi" just give us a honk at [email protected]

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