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$1 per episode/blog post builds the backbone of how I can continue to create free high-quality content for you. I publish an average of 4 episodes a month. This is a valuable token of your support! 

· COVER THE MONTHLY COSTS: I have almost $800 in monthly costs to maintain the podcast. When you donate $1 per episode/blog post, you're supporting the podcast to continue.

. APPRECIATION + SHOUT OUT: Get my deepest appreciation for your support and also a shout out at the end of the episodes. Legendary Life only continues because of your support. Thank you!

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$5 per month gets you access to a LIVE monthly video call with me and other patrons where you can ask me any burning questions related to health, fitness, workouts, nutrition, supplements, stress management, healthy living, and personal development. And special discounts on my programs that will lead to a healthier life.

· LIVE HEALTH & FITNESS Q&A: Attend a monthly private video meeting where we all hangout live together and interact over the Q&A. These live video meetings are private only for patreons. Plus, you can suggest topics for upcoming episodes. In other words, you’ll be a member of our VIP audience who helps us grow the podcast by telling us what you want to hear, what guests to interview, and much more.

· DISCOUNTS: Special discounts on all new workouts, meal plans, video courses and Legendary Lean for a designated period after they're first released.

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$15 per month. For this reward, you must be at the point where you want to improve your health, change your body, and live a better life. Let's try to help you get there. 

· All previous rewards

· LIVE TRAININGS: Get access to a monthly LIVE TRAINING where I show you how to optimize your health, change your body, and live a meaningful life. The first training will be: Eat, Move, Sleep: Why you need all 3 to be successful.

· DISCOUNTS: Special discount codes on all new workouts, meal plans, video courses and Legendary Lean for a designated period after they're first released.




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About Ted Ryce


Hi there, my name is Ted Ryce and I want to personally thank you for visiting this page. Just by clicking on this project and reading this, you are giving me and the whole Legendary Life Podcast team a HUGE confidence boost!

This platform will allow us to connect on a deeper level and help you become a part of a successful ongoing project that empowers thousands of people every single week to make one of the hardest decisions of their lives. To Transform Their Health, Body & Life!

For the past four years, I've heard so many great stories from listeners who lost over 20lbs just by listening to the podcast and following my professional advice.

I've heard from people that thought they couldn't get fit again because of their age who went on to accomplish their health goals. And they did it by implementing my workout, nutrition and lifehacking strategies that I share every week on the show.

I've also heard stories of people who thought they were too old to go after their dreams. But by listening to my personal story and how I turned tragedy into success, they finally decided to take action. 

Listeners have shared with me how the show not only helped them get into better shape but how it helped them improve their confidence. Some listeners have even gone on to get promotions or to close more sales just because of the ripple effect of being healthier, leaner, and more confident in life.

So, if my content, personal story, and variety of podcast episodes has become a part of your life, then I’d like you to consider supporting the podcast by becoming a voluntary subscriber here on Patreon.

But before we go on, I would like to make it absolutely clear that support and faith are going to be rewarded. How? By offering you:

  • Live Q&A (health, fitness, training, nutrition, diets, supplements, etc)
  • Live Workshops (healthy living, nutrition, sleep, stress management, high-performance, personal development)
  • Online Courses (Legendary Healthy Habits Course / Legendary Muscle Course)
  • Fat Loss / Muscle Building Meal Plans 
  • Fat Loss / Muscle Building Workout Programs (for busy people over 40)
  • Custom Plans
  • Legendary 1-on-1 strategy calls
  • Exclusive discounts & much more!

If you're new to my show,  please visit my website and you'll see how I can help you live a legendary life.


The Legendary Life Podcast provides health, fitness and personal development information for people over 30, 40, and 50 who want to finally take control of their health. This show is about creating a leaner, fitter, and healthier body (no matter how old you are). It's a podcast about living a Legendary Life. A life full of energy, purpose, and meaning. 


If you're not familiar with Patreon, the concept is that you support a creator financially for each piece of valuable content they create for you. In my case, it's blogs, videos, podcast episodes and online trainings on how to optimize your health, change your body, and live a healthier life.

I believe in this concept with all my heart. It's helping people like you change your health and your life by giving you practical solutions to your health & fitness struggles. Please consider supporting my work with a dollar (or however you much you like) per podcast episode/blog/training that I create.

Also, when you're supporting the podcast, you help me create podcast episodes without ads, sponsors or compromise the quality of the content.

Every month I tend to publish about 4 Podcast episodes to the Legendary Life Podcast. Each time I do so, I share that episode here and mark it as a piece of content that you're supporting. The number of episodes I publish that month determines how much you contribute.

For example, if you pledge $1 per podcast episode and that month I publish 4 podcast episodes, you'll contribute with $4 for that month. I won't be publishing more than 8 podcast episodes/ blog per month. 

If you're concerned about going over your budget, you can easily set a monthly contribution limit when you're entering your payment info. That way there's no surprises at the end of the month. You may also cancel any time.


Your support enables me to invest into producing free podcast episodes and in-depth blogs for men and women who need health, fitness, and personal development advice to optimize their health, change their bodies, and live a legendary life. And to do it without interrupting the episode with a lot of sponsorships and advertisements breaks.

As you know, it takes time and resources to create content--both which require money. Your support lets me focus on making the most valuable content for you that I possibly can, instead of spending as much time focusing on the financial side of how to deliver it to you.

I know many of you may think that I just hop on a call with someone to do an interview for an hour and that's the only work I do. Or I just show up for one of my solo episodes and start talking. But the reality is this:

It takes about 18 hours of work to make ONE episode of the Legendary Life Podcast.

So, your contribution will help me pay for the podcast costs--which is almost $800 a month. Also, produce higher-quality videos, do more research for the content, and free up some of my time to do more important things, like spending quality time with my wife, friends, and my dad.


My name is Ted Ryce, I’m a celebrity trainer, wellness coach, motivational speaker, and host of the Legendary Life Podcast. My story is full of tragedy, but it's also a story of triumph. After several years of struggle, I serendipitously found the fitness industry. I used smart training, good nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits to turn around my health and depression.

Fitness literally saved my life.

I became a leading fitness and nutrition expert and has worked with celebrities like Richard Branson, Rick Martin, Robert Downey, Jr., and a number of CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies.

I believe that health & fitness form the foundation of a successful life. I’m on a mission to empower people to transform their bodies and minds so that they can live a legendary life.

Click on that orange button and let me know how much better health and a better life means to you. Support at any level means a lot to me.

And if you can’t donate right now, please consider sharing this campaign with your friends and family and on your social media.

Thank you.

Ted and Legendary Life Team
$0 of $800 per month
With a $800 per month, I cover my podcast costs. This also allows me to dedicate more of my time into research for better and more valuable episodes and in-depth articles for you.

My goal is to get my listener/viewer base to become "active participants" and supporters through a pledge of any amount you can!
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