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Physics is often presented poorly in the media and the general public, either presented as magic or sometimes just plain wrong. Quantum mechanics is often presented as arcane and mystique when it has been experimentally verified for over 80 years now. However, things only seem like magic if you don't know the rules of the game.

The truth about physics is that it is almost impossible to talk physics without understanding the math behind it, and so many people might feel that they are too dumb for physics because they don't know the math. Trying to do physics without any math is like trying to drive a car without any gas. Unfortunately, a lot of people hate mathematics, most likely due to having a bad math teacher. Concepts in math tend to build on each other a lot, so having a shaky foundation makes it hard to learn advanced material. All of these factors make physics inaccessible to most people.

This blog is intended to present serious mathematics alongside physics while trying to remain fun. From Quantum Field Theory to General Relativity, we will explore the topics of mathematical physics as faithful as possible. Using a combination of animations and visuals, I try to strike a balance: presenting information as simple as possible, but no simpler.

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