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If you have a burning question about anything related to my guides, I'll happily do my best to answer it through the exclusive Q & A's because I am here for you.  

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Keep on Rocking and Writing in the Free world!  

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About Lee Hall

Guiding Fellow Creatives and Writing Stories 

Rock and Roll and being an Indie Author! 

Having hung around on social media for many hours, I've learned a bunch about marketing, selling and finding happiness in my endeavours an an Indie Author. My near 30,000 Twitter following is proof and here is where I'll put my methods into practice for you. 

I know how to sell books and content through social media and I'm here to pass on that knowledge to awesome fellow author rock stars like you! This Patreon is the only place where you will find that exclusive coaching and know-how. 

(there will be fictional things also - mainly the stuff I'm querying - you'll get to see it here exclusively too)

Why Sign up? 

Patrons will have full and exclusive access to my Twitter coaching audio series in full which will deep dive into everything I have done to find success and sell books regularly on the platform. This is the only place where you will hear my voice cover Twitter in so much detail with a view of coaching anyone looking for more success on the Tweet Machine platform. 

Every Rock Star who does sign up will get a shout-out over on Twitter and then will be mentioned regularly thereafter in front of my ever growing audience. 

Join me and my words and let them guide you to some success. Rock and Roll and Writing!   

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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