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About Lilith Saintcrow

Welcome to the madhouse!

I offer a range of patronage options, from a buck a month (occasional fun stuff) to the Nest Egg option, where you get access to the current serial, unedited and edited ebooks of said serial for free before it goes on sale anywhere, and weekly peeks at other stuff I'm writing. I also respond a lot more here on Patreon than I do on my website or on social media, mostly because drive-by randos don't comment here, so it's safer. Plus, patrons get advance warning of giveaways, BookFunnel previews, and other fun stuff.

The steady monthly earnings here make my stress and worry go down immensely, and that means I have more energy and resources to write more books/stories for you. We both win!

The current serial is HOOD, my own particular spin on Robin Hood...IN SPACE.

Come on in, sit down, pour yourself a drink, and let me tell you a story...
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How about a special giveaway just for Patreon folks? I'll offer a signed, personalized book (or series!) to a winner or two, depending on how much postage money I have lying about.
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