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About LiveWire Calgary

The best investment you could make to ensure a successful Calgary.

We have a laser focus on Calgary neighbourhoods and city hall - and how they interact.  We watch closely how civic stewards move the city forward. You'll probably get no better return on a $10/mo investment. If you really want to power up our Calgary microscope, try $25/mo.

Why do we think it's a good investment? The more resources we can devote to reporting on our city, the fewer issues fall through the cracks. We help keep Calgary in check.

Our commitment to you.

1.) Calgary's most trusted news source.

It's big, it's bold, but we're already close. We report facts that are untainted by personal political views or agendas. We don't selectively choose sources or leave out critical information to bend the narrative (to use anger to drive memberships or subscribers).

Consider us the grain of salt you need after reading other Calgary media. We stand by that, too.

2.) Deliver a local news 'experience'

Most people see journalism as written words on paper, or online. We're going to do better than that. With our recent hire of award-winning visual and data journalist, Aryn Toombs, we're charting our course to a different experience with local news.  It can no longer be words in a story. It has to be more.

3.) Breadth AND Depth: Meaningful local news

This is something we've already been doing - we're just going to codify it. We believe we should be on the spot, informing Calgarians about important things happening DAILY in their city.  

We complement that with some of the most in-depth, accurate and wide-ranging city  reporting in the city. And we'll do it with greater frequency than any other media in Calgary - including the other independents.

It's about value for your investment in high-quality local news.

4.) Barrier-free information

It's challenging in today's media landscape to avoid a hard paywall. We believe in citizens being informed. We'll never put our information behind a paywall.  Yes, our members get exclusive bonus content, but it's added value content and opportunities - never the full story. 

Everyone in Calgary can access our news for free. We're committed to keeping Calgary informed, regardless of one's ability to pay. AND - we just might be adding new ways to reach us... stay tuned!

Then why have members? Good question. We believe there's a large audience out there willing to support a locally-owned and operated, agenda-free community news organization - so we can keep it barrier free for everyone.  Simple as that. Plus, they get a few extras when they sign up!

We're not asking for the farm here
- consider it a civic duty to contribute $25 per month. That's less than $1 per day. It's a bargain for local news coverage you won't find anywhere else.   That's right, we find the niches in Calgary news; the nooks and crannies if you will.  Oh, we have the big stuff too, and often more thorough than the mainstream media guys. 

If you can help us reach 500 subscribers at $25 per month, we'll hire 4 reporters and guarantee we'll produce more and better local news coverage than other city media. We'll stand by it. You'll get that local news outlet you've always wanted.

Calgary city hall, neighbourhoods 

When you become a member, you're hiring us to deliver the best daily news in Calgary.

We do it all with a network of exceptional Calgary journalists, done on a shoestring budget, with a passion for redefining local news.

What do we believe in? 

We believe in trustworthy news.
We believe in the community being co-contributors.
We believe political agenda has no place in news.
We believe in delivering facts.
We believe opinion distorted as 'truth' is dangerous in journalism.
We believe in and open-door policy to provide feedback and direct where we're headed and how we get there. (Just email [email protected] and he'll answer!)

The time is now.

Become a member today!

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We'll fund a new, full-time journalist in our newsroom. (High fives all around!) Right now at $1,400.

Greater breadth, greater depth and expanding our commitment to the community by adding a new, diverse perspective to the team.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 116 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 116 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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