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About Lost Pilgrims


Embark on a perilous journey across a realm forsaken by the gods and devastated by a cataclysm. Accompanied by a hardy crew, you are free to discover a dark fantasy world and its secrets. Trade, fight or explore your way to success as a leader of a traveling company in Vagrus, a post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG-strategy hybrid developed by Lost Pilgrims.

Lost Pilgrims

is an indie game development studio working on their dark fantasy strategy RPG Vagrus - The Riven Realms - planned to be released in 2021/2022.

Why Patreon?

We are bootstrapping to our limits and beyond. With no publisher behind our backs, we rely solely on our savings and the goodwill of our friends & family to keep us going. We are eternally grateful for everyone supporting us in any shape or form; most prominently by becoming our Patron. Your help is key to our success so we can deliver a game we are proud of.

About the game...

Vagrus is a 2D Strategy-Roleplaying Game for PC, where the player takes the role of a vagrus - a sort of a caravan leader, who makes a living on a strange and dangerous dark fantasy world by leading a traveling company on all kinds of ventures.
The most important facets of the game are:
    • Explore a Dark Continent: A vast continent is yours to explore, filled with unique locations, strange factions, lurking dangers, and a slew of characters you can interact with.
    • Experience a Branching Narrative: A slew of longer and shorter stories make up the game’s narrative in the form of events and quests. The choices you make in these affect the characters and the world around you.
    • Engage in Turn-Based Combat: Take part in turn-based, tactical combat that involves your characters and a large variety of enemies, both humanoid and monstrous. Use a range of character skills and abilities to succeed.
    • Manage Your Crew: Most journeys have to be planned and prepared for carefully, lest they end in disaster. Manage your supplies, cargo, and crew effectively to survive.
    • Encounter a Colorful Cast of Characters: The player can recruit fully-developed characters to the caravan to serve in versatile roles, such as scoutmaster, quartermaster or guard captain. Each of them comes with their own background and personal quests line.

In terms of Setting and Story:Vagrus is set in a dark fantasy world, where a terrible cataclysm a millennium ago ruined the continent where the game takes place. Survivors of this Calamity tried to rebuild their societies, but have had to contend with magical anomalies, terrible creatures, barbarism, and beings from outside the natural world in the wake of the cataclysm. Most fantasy tropes (for example, that dwarves are an industrious, hardy, honest race, or that dragons are evil) are twisted or subverted. Armed travelers are often the only way to trade and communicate between settlements.

Meet the core team!

Nobo - 'Gaming industry veteran'
Once upon a time a senior developer at a number of studios (including Most Wanted Entertainment, Crytek, Mithis Entertainment), Nobo has since then seen the world through the eyes of a freelancer, and joined the core team of Lost Pilgrims.

Szonja - ‘Skilled escapist with a brush glued to her hand’
As a lifelong fan of RPGs, Szonja has an exceptional love for characters of fiction and a passion for bringing them alive with her pen and tablet. Before stepping on the road to follow her dream by becoming a graphic designer, Szonja studied coding, C# no less, which comes extremely handy when she works with Unity, managing and animating the art assets she herself created.

Geri - 'Game Master for life'
Geri has been building our wondrous dark fantasy world for over twenty years. Now he’s responsible for game design, as well as creating concept art with our graphic designers, and has been writing stories and lore to fill a gigantic game world with amazing things to do and find.

Gabor - 'RPG addict who happens to enjoy software development'
In a former life, Gabor worked as a sourcing and finance process leader, most recently at GE Digital. Now he is the project and team manager of Lost Pilgrims, who is also responsible for fundraising and game design.

...as well as our precious contributors!
Bazsó - 'Black biRd dreaming sinister colors'
As an artist, Bazsó has been drawing and painting for decades. His wonderful work on successful board games (like Saltlands) caught our eyes, and now he works on Vagrus with us. He is one of the artists visualizing the stunning world of the game: painting its ominous greatness right alongside horrific creatures and magical anomalies.

DZ - 'Writer of strange tales'
DZ loves fantasy, as well as strange and branching narratives. He is enthusiastic to have the chance of working on Vagrus and possibly to kill some imaginary heroes. He has worked as a writer at startups, so fiction as a job is quite familiar to him.

Ivan - 'Schemer and deceiver'
A rascal and ne'er-do-well with a penchant for bold lies, this particular fellow has been known to work mischief as a small-time comic book artist (he feels better by now) and a freelance translator of fiction. Being an avid fanatic of RPGs, he considers Lost Pilgrims to be an ideal environment for his nefarious plots.

Akos - ’Consumer of adventures’
An avid gamer and lover of story-driven experiences of all kinds, Akos is a graphic designer by profession. He helps out with various design tasks, ranging from social media profiles to UX design, and is responsible for the game’s UI.

Gyuri - 'Music enthusiast and lifelong gamer'
Gyuri loves to create worlds, feelings and moods. A well-versed musician and composer, he is producing our game music and sound effects. He is also a great cook and throws amazing parties.

Find us on 

Crowdfunding Campaign Vagrus on Fig.co
Steam Store pageVagrus - The Riven Realms
GOGcom page Vagrus - The Riven Realms
Game websitevagrus.com
Itch.ioVagrus - The Riven Realms
Facebook  - LostPilgrimsStudio
YoutubeLost Pilgrims
Discord - LostPilgrims
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