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About Jeremy Lonien


i'm jeremy lonien aka ludonaut.

i'm a game designer and noise maker. you might know me from Borb the Birb, a tiny self-care thing, or The Message, a short but highly regarded piece of interactive science fiction. i also organize the annual "A Game By Its Cover" game jam where people make games based on Famicase submissions.

i think of most of my work more as interactive art and personal vignette pieces than games. i also made some generative art and bots in the past. check out my games on

i'm still struggling with anxiety and depression and currently working on my yet-unannounced thesis project. making ends meet is a great source of anxiety for me.

if you like my work, please consider supporting me with a little donation. every little bit helps, and it would mean the world to me. thanks! ✨
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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