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Creating a 3D Printing Site for Tabletop

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Every cent counts, and I appreciate this. Thank you!
  • 11GB of 3D printed models can be downloaded thanks to you!


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With ads now making an appearance on the site to help with server fees, this makes sure you stay ad-free while still helping to support development.
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  • Thousands of people get to download 3D Printed Tabletop models thanks to you!




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About Make Tabletop

The night before launching I said to my fiancée, "I hope someone says 'wow'". Within hours of launching, I was saying it from the community's overwhelming excitement and support!

Even though I've coded everything in a money-saving way by compressing all the data and decompressing it on download, there's still server bills to pay. To help me with the monthly bill, I appreciate any amount to offset what I pay out of pocket. You can toss $1 my way as a thank you, or more if you're feeling generous.

I use AWS S3 for my data storage, which is $0.09 per GB of data transferred (and some other fees, but they're tiny). It currently costs roughly $25 of bandwidth a month, and $83.50 for the server.

Quite cheap for what the site offers, but it adds up!

New patrons will be charged the day they become a patron, then on the 1st of the month going forward.
(so you can pay $1 and then cancel the sub if you'd like. I won't be hurt.)

$15.79 of $300 per month
Pays for an entire month of server bills so I don't have to worry about it while I develop the site.
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