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About Malcolm Gin

Hi, I'm Malcolm, and I have a number of skills, plenty of experience, many facets of identity and community memberships, and a desire to do more with that than just exist in the world. i want to contribute. I want to give others the tools they need to contribute too.
In March, 2021, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and my life turned upside down. My full time job is now just experiencing and navigating chemotherapy for at least a year, possibly 3, depending on how routine the work of having and experiencing chemotherapy is, and whether I can accommodate a paying job on top of that. But because I want to give the world and others tools they need for happier lives, I am using my own experiences to record relevant TikTok videos, some structured, some not, about the experience of taking chemotherapy for leukemia.

I am planning and executing a structured approach to the experiences and challenges of frequent transfusions, infusions, hospitalizations, testing, and the medical response. Videos are on TikTok, additional resources are hosted on a Wiki I set up to organize and index the videos and make them more accessible and supported (with transcripts, and additional resources, and background information).

My chemotherapy is scheduled to run for 3 years, which is typical for this diagnosis, and there will be plenty of lessons for me to learn, and to pass on the the public world. Already with only one cycle of 52 planned chemotherapy cycles complete, I have dozens of videos planned under several main topics, like Technical information about infusions and catheters, Emotional Support and advice, and General Tips on what to pack and prepare for at the hospital.

In general, I want to improve the world by writing, by providing training and learning opportunities, by making writing and ideas available for others to use, by providing tools and ideas for more creative disruption, to disrupt the status quo, to change the world for the better.

The Chemotherapy Project:
To see the videos in general (these are uncategorized, except by hashtags, and just sorted chronologically), go to my TikTok profile:

The developing annotated index:

The Support and Resources Wiki is here:

Patreon Goal:

My goal on Patreon is to take support for continuing to carry out The Chemotherapy Project, and to do what I already do - research, write thoroughly about, and promote the truth, using technical and communication skills I have and plan to develop.

Side Hobby: PC Game Streaming, Social Media, Promotion, and the Fediverse:
In a bid to get used to self-recording, self-editing, and getting used to the sound of my own voice, I started doing 1 hour of PC Game streaming every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. I record the session with OBS Studio, stream it to, then download the completed stream recording. After reviewing it for technical problems (usually to do with sound capture, it seems), I upload it to YouTube and to a PeerTube instance as well, in the Fediverse.

Given my overall weird background and weird proclivities, I tend to play weird games. Not particularly weird, but not standard or popular, either.

Storage quota issues with the free PeerTube instance I chose has gotten me interested in hosting my own PeerTube instance in a Network DMZ off my own Internet router. So as a side gig to this side gig, I'm launching a mini project to configure that properly, document, and possibly even video record setting up a Raspberry PI to do that work. I feel like writing and publishing that series will help contribute to the Fediverse and its growth. Here's hoping!

Please help me do these things. Not only The Chemotherapy Project, but also to, in general, fight the rise of clickbaity entertainment news in the world.

This includes:
  • providing critique against propaganda and extremism
  • providing syllabi, curricula, and facilitated learning groups against injustices, like racism, cissexism, heteronormativity, abled privilege, us-centrism, colonialism, cultural imperialism, and so on
  • providing cite-worthy research and scientific criticism (I have a deeply scientific and philosophy of science background, and went to grad school but did not finish that degree) of studies, articles, and assertions about the "truth" in the context of social justice, gate keeping, and justice advocacy
  • bringing intersectional aspects of social justice and civil rights activism to the forefront of my writing and communication
  • bringing a third perspective (since I don't fit well into binary understandings of the world) to binary understandings of the world
  • working with organizations to commit to internalizing equity frameworks into their decision-making processes
  • researching open questions about things that are knowable, writing about them, and sharing that writing
  • writing blog entries about Things I Feel It Is Important To Know and Things I Feel We Ought To Remember
  • writing, especially from personal experience and perspective, rooted in verifiable facts, about current events and how they affect me and people I know (and love)
  • creating a wiki to bring podcasting production knowledge, in a centralized and comprehensive form, to the public
  • creating a wiki of writing prompts, tools, resources, excerpts for quotation, and other reuse specifically to do with the topics I find fascinating
  • creating resources on using digital security toward safer activism and activist writing
  • working with others to create a technology stewardship panel
Help me help the world find our feet. Help me help you and your friends with research, links, writing, writing prompts, snippets, and other responses that can help fight propaganda, hacking and other new political influences.

Professions and Career:

My professional background is an unconventional mix of extreme dedication and excessive interest. I have a B.S. in Chemistry from a school better known for Law, I have some graduate school (but didn't finish the degree) in a Ph.D. track for Physical Chemistry (but I worked with LASERS). I also have a cherished minor in Women's Studies.

The majority of my working life has centered around technical (computing) strategy and planning. I've been an analyst, a project manager, a product manager, a systems engineer, a systems and data integrator, a data architect, a systems architect, and an enterprise architect. I have technical training in writing and communications and in data analytics. I have computing specialties in security and encryption, networking, and in information architecture, collaboration, and document management. I've also been paid as a consulting social justice activist in theater, and I was part of a fellowship pursuing Equity in the Arts. I also love cooking and food related topics including food justice (agriculture to access).

I'm also, despite my scientific background, NOT a skeptic. I have problems with the lack of understanding many skeptics have of the actual scientific process, and I think that a lot of poor science is being done these days in the name of profit and capitalism. I also think that the skeptic community as a whole has deep and obvious problems with racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and sexism, none of which harmonize with me or my priorities.

It meshes with my hobbies, but one thing I've learned to do very well in conjunction with my professions is research. I use Google very well (I've taken their official free training). I can read and understand scientific publications. I can understand what the papers say about their experimental design and statistical methods. I can also reverse engineer statistics. I use libraries. I know or can find out who to call or visit when I have a question about something that isn't on the Internet.

Weirdness and Identity:
My Dad used to call me weird. That's a good baseline, but I'm usually the weirdest person in the room. Even with other geeks.

It's not always obvious until I open my mouth, but after I do, well, then it's glaringly obvious.

I am:
  • highly socially acute (but somewhat introverted and super geeky)
  • intersex/trans
  • non-white (my heritage is white and Taishanese/Chinese - native English speaking, with vanishingly rare smatterings of Chinese)
  • one of those rare, unicorn, non-misogynist masculine feminists (I was raised as a 2nd wave feminist, but developed it to be a lot more complex and nuanced as I grew up)
  • Taoist (by choice - my Chinese family assimilated it completely out of my heritage, though it's there - my paternal grandfather was a Taoist - I study the philosophy and meditation, primarily)
  • one of those rare lay-scientists, both non-atheist and non-skeptic, but very well educated in the philosophy of and practice of bench science, as well as scholarly research, and data analysis
  • a board-game and video-game enthusiast
  • invisibly and visibly disabled (I have a well controlled chronic disease or two)
  • a decent writer (strong topics: technical documentation, process, and social justice)
  • an enthusiast of food and cooking, recipe development, and experiments with food ways and food traditions, and bent for food justice

Because of my wide and varied experience, I tend to take unpopular, slightly different, subtle and complex positions from the majority of activists because I think nuance is lost in ideology, and I tend to hold friends, family, and strangers equally responsible to my high ideals. Which is why my close friends are few but generally people of high quality.

For an idea of other topics that I find interesting and fascinating, here are some of my favorite hobbies:
  • Knife sharpening (40+ years)
  • Feminism (40+ years)
  • Mixology (8 years, every Sunday)
  • Board and Video Gaming (40+ years)
  • Experimentation and Lay Research (30+ years)
  • Cryptography and Applications of Cryptography (30 years)
  • Origami (40+ years)
  • Taoism (20+ years)
  • Home Automation (8 years)
  • The list goes on!
Let me know if you have ideas for new reward levels or for goals. I'm open to good ideas.

Resources and Samples:
You can find some samples of various things I've written here:

Another example of writing: (In this case, this is advice I gave to a paying client on both general antiracism in reflection to white fragility, as well as what white folks should consider when attending public meetings and wanting to put on a good show in building community with minorities, especially when representing an organization of their own. I wrote this, originally, for a majority white theater group that was facing community outcry on what Asian activist theater groups said was yellowface, both in their production and casting of a performance of The Mikado)

This Wiki is an example of my finding, collating, and writing about specific topics: (This Wiki is trying to provide a central place for industry knowledge on producing your own podcasts. I've been interviewing working podcast producers, taking comprehensive notes, and then posting information I write based on that into the Wiki. For now it's a single page, but it's getting long enough - especially with notes I haven't yet transcribed, that I should break it up into separate articles. I ask the interviewees if I can share the information, and then, getting permission to do so, I share it on the Wiki under the Creative Commons 4.0 license so that folks can use and reuse it without worry. Finally, the Wiki is open for any Internet user to edit it, without creating an account.)

This Wiki is an example of how I collate and organize information about antiracism: I collaborated with a number of people on it, but I host it and maintain it, and it contains resources, syllabi, curricula, and study guide prompts for courses I've led and facilitated (and those I plan to) for a community of (mostly white) folks in tech that I belong to, for unlearning racism, colonialism, cultural imperialism, and for learning the real histories of things like US American chattel slavery, for learning how racism and US American chattel slavery are inextricably linked to the history and politics of labor in the US.

In my circles recently, especially around Juneteenth 2020, talk has turned to reparations, pay and compensation (NOT donations, mind you) for unpaid work and emotional labor that white folks tend to assume will be forthcoming from people of color, and that white people have become accustomed to getting for free.

Obviously Patreon is a good way to support me and my goals, but other ways to compensate me for the work I already do are available, so let me know if you want to just directly send me payments.

Because I am a very successfully but conditionally white passing, quite well assimilated into white culture person of color, I pay 50% (and take care of any fees and taxes myself) of any direct payments forward to other individuals and organizations who don't enjoy the privilege and access that I do.

"Malcolm facilitated an online group discussion for us around the Seeing White podcast and some supplementary media. E provided well-constructed discussion prompts that encouraged reflection on and discussion of how the material relates to our lives and the present day (emotionally and intellectually), as well as encouraging us to reflect on assumed authority. The discussions and the content helped me reflect more on some of the ways that whiteness has shaped my life, and especially how behaviors I hadn't thought about much can cause harm. I appreciated the consistent focus on the systemic nature of racism, and the calls to plan how we're going to participate in the work to dismantle it." - Tess E.

"I recently worked with Malcolm when he facilitated a discussion around the podcast Seeing White from Scene on Radio. Based on the content of each episode, he developed questions and then interacted with participants who were listening (distanced, and unsynchronized, which
presented an additional challenge). The questions asked were well-structured and informed at least somewhat by his own experiences and history as a non-Black person of color. He let each of us provide an answer although if he felt we were missing the point or falling short of the goal, he engaged with us.

The discussion was based around facts, both from the podcast as well as related historical narrative, but offered us a chance to experience and share our feelings around the topics; likewise, he did a good job of allowing participants to feel safe in exploring and understanding
our relationship with the material and the history itself.

I would recommend working with Malcolm for such discussions and would happily do so again myself in the future if the opportunity presented itself." - Daria B.

"Malcolm lead a discussion group on the Seeing White season of the Scene on Radio podcast in June-July 2020. E provided a thorough set of thought provoking discussion questions for every episode, and encouraged honest responses. Eir excellent facilitation in the text-only online format spurred corrections of personal and communal misunderstandings and errors, challenged biased thinking, and fostered community. I stand changed as a person. As a direct consequence of the Seeing White discussion group led by Malcolm, I think I now have a better sense of my identity and relationships with others, and the history, privilege, and especially the responsibilities I inherited." - Silvania A.
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