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About Maps & Tales

Before I say anything else…Thank you for visiting my Patreon page!

Just by coming here, you've shown that you're interested in what I'm doing with Maps & Tales, and that means everything, whether or not you decide to become a patron. I'm going to make this stuff whether or not you click the button to sign up, but if you do make that choice, rest assured you're one of the greatest people on the face of the earth, supporting the ramblings and doodles of a…what? What am I?

When it comes down to it, I’m a storyteller.

At least, I want to be a storyteller. The problem? Way too often, the stories that want to be told never leave my head. I daydream and I scheme. I write and rewrite in my mind and occasionally jot something down, but mostly I keep them all to myself. A lot of these stories and fragments of stories take the form of maps, scenarios, or other RPG-related ephemera, because these are the things (in part) from which my inner storyteller were formed. They boil in my skull-cauldron, festering and metastasizing. In a very real way (to me), they haunt my life.
Maps & Tales is my attempt to exorcise the ghosts and manifest them, to bring something new into the world rather than just consume. Please join me as I explore the nooks and crannies of my haunted mind-palace and see what I can dust off and bring back to life. A contribution from you, no matter how small, will encourage and support me as I embark on this adventure and document what I find.

What to expect from Maps & Tales

Each week, I'm going to try and share 3 to 5 posts of either original content or my take on something else that has caught my eye. Most of the time that will take the form of a small map or doodle, an adventure hook that popped into my head, or a story idea. I also hope to share longer, more polished short stories, as well as complete RPG encounters or other supporting materials. Long term, who knows? I'll likely continue doing this as long as I have ideas. Your contributions and feedback will help decide where I go from here, and how often I'm able to make updates.
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