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Hi, I'm Marcus Bointon, a PHP coder, Linux sysadmin, DBA and all-round technical person. You might not know my name, but the chances are you're using open-source software I develop and maintain.

I'm responsible for PHPMailer, an open-source library for sending email that's been around since 2001. It's used on literally millions of web sites - if you've ever received an email message from a Wordpress or Drupal web site, or used PHP-based forums, it was probably code I care for that sent you those messages. I didn't start the PHPMailer project, but I've been using it since 2003, a contributor since 2007, and the maintainer since 2010. As well as starting and running the project on GitHub (dealing with bug reports, security issues, support questions, contributions from others, etc), I answer hundreds of PHPMailer questions on StackOverflow and Experts Exchange.

Maintaining & supporting PHPMailer isn't something I'm paid for. I use it in my day job for, which means it gets a proper workout sending millions of messages per day; "Dogfooding" in internet parlance! PHPMailer is an ongoing project affecting millions of people, but sadly (in common with too many great open-source projects) it receives no direct support or sponsorship.

I'm not asking you to support PHPMailer directly, but more to support me, and others like me, that maintain (and have maintained) software that so much of the internet relies on, and allow us to continue to take the time and make the effort for these vital projects to continue. Over 95% of open-source projects last less than a year; donations to maintainers provide an incentive to keep these projects alive, plus it's a nice way of saying "thanks". If you'd like to send a one-off donation rather than committing to a Patreon subscription, please see my donations page for alternatives.

Thank you for helping me, and the world of open source!

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