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✩ Be on my Close Friends list on IG
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✩ Monthly sketchbook challenges! 
✩ Access to all Patreon-exclusive vlogs & sketchbook tours.
✩ Be a part of our beautiful community on Discord.
✩ Be on my Close Friends list on IG
✩ Early access to yearly art sales

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About Marie-Noëlle Wurm

Hi! :)
My name is Marie-Noëlle Wurm, and I'm a French-American-German artist & illustrator based in Montpellier in the South of France. I'm also a Top Teacher on Skillshare where I teach how to overcome fear & perfectionism and unleash the creativity that resides within us all. :) 

I think the creative part of ourselves is deeply connected to the natural world that surrounds us, and this is one of the foundations of my work. When I am in nature, listening to the wind in the leaves or the chaotic movement of the ocean, I feel safe, whole. A big part of my process is trying to get to the truths at our core, the truth of what it means to be human: connected to a natural world that is so much bigger than us, and yet also connected to an infinite richness within us – our capacity for self-awareness, for creativity, for building imaginary worlds from within.
That's why I often mingle the real and the imaginary, the figurative and the abstract, the rational and the intuitive, the conscious and the subconscious. I’m interested in these transitional spaces, where boundaries dissolve and two opposing truths are brought together, sustaining and enriching each other — there is equilibrium, truth, found in the boundary between the two.

I love creating worlds that are dreamlike, whimsically playful and delicately dark — filled with magical or haunting atmospheres. Darkness, and ‘negative’ emotions are inherently part of the human condition – but rather than shun them, I think it’s important to integrate them, give them voice, space, and thus allow them to transform us.
Finding beauty within the darkness, shining light on our darkest corners, is what allows us to transcend the darkness, to grow, to keep coming home to ourselves. The natural world is a perfect illustration of this paradoxical truth, with its constant interweaving of life and death, chaos and serenity, destruction and rebirth.

In my illustrations and abstract work, I strive to explore the hidden, the subconscious, the places of the mind that are forgotten, and mysterious places of beauty: Places filled with knotted trees, crumbling houses, chaotic skies, lost islands, colorful nebulas circulating deep in the cosmos, underwater, in the deep ocean depths where wild and beautiful creatures exist— places that are hidden, peaceful and that reveal how we are part of something bigger than ourselves. 

When I'm not drawing or working on my online shop, you'll find me creating/filming & editing creativity classes on Skillshare.  By becoming a part of my Patreon community, you're directly helping me produce more artwork, and carve out more time to keep creating bigger and better projects to share with you. Each and every one of your pledges fills me with gratitude, bundles of joy, and continued stamina to fill this world with art! 

What you get

By joining my Patreon page, you get access to sketchbook challenges, a huge archive of behind-the-scenes vlogs, sketchbook flipthroughs and posts, as well as art prints, original drawings, art classes, and access to monthly live drawing sessions! You'll be gaining access to things I don't share anywhere else: insights into my creative process, a look into secret projects that are not yet ready to go public, and a special space where you can freely ask me questions, where we can build conversations around art, inspiration, creativity, life and all the rest, in an exclusive Discord chatroom filled with like-minded people.
By joining my Patreon community, you'll help me continue to share my art, which I will always share for free on my Facebook page, and on Instagram, with the hope of inspiring you, and resonating with the quiet, magical, and sometimes dark, worlds that lie within us all.

If you find inspiration or value in what I do, please consider becoming a part of the Patreon movement and pledging to my page. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. :)

"Let us not curse the darkness. Let us kindle little lights."
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GAHHH this would be such an amazing milestone!! When we get here, I'll create something extra special WITH you and FOR you! We'll brainstorm together on what you'd like to see (a special live drawing session? a super secret vlog? a virtual gettogether party? a special print?) and I'll make it happen — to celebrate this incredibly beautiful community we have. 
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